IB DP 2 Winter Revision week

Dear Tle IB Parents,

Please note that we will be holding a five-day thorough Tle IB course from February 7th – 11th 2022.

We have designed an effective short course study programme where students will have a choice of different subjects they wish or need to concentrate on: AISL, AIHL, AASL, AAHL, Physics/Chemistry and Economics. (5 students min. required.)


300€ for the morning classes and 200€ for the afternoon classes.


Subject *
Type of boarding *
Boarding weekend (February 5th and 6th) *
Lunch at School *
School Bus - Aix-en-Provence Brossolette * 🛈
Please note that a minimum number of students is required to open the boarding houses.
For your information, boarders will be asked to move to another boarding house.
Total Fee:
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