Village Fire Singing 2019
Part-time Interest
and Full-time Waiting List

Village Fire is growing, and we are taking care to not grow too big too fast. We seek to maintain the sense of connection and coziness that has been a part of Village Fire these past 6 years, and so registration is capped at 300 persons.

Use this form:

- to indicate your interest in attending Village Fire part-time

- or to join the waiting list for full-time attendance now that the initial registration has filled

Please submit the form just once. If you're available for the full time, great! If you're only available to join us part of the time, that's fine too. Just let us know when you'd like to be at camp.

Beginning on April 2, we will email a link to the detailed registration form to those we know we have room for. After that, we will continue to invite people from this list to register as full-time or part-time spots open up.
We will safeguard your contact information and send you an email next year so you have a heads-up before registration opens for Village Fire 2020!
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Villager Information

How many total persons would be included in this registration? *
Would you be joining us at camp full-time (12-15 meal times) or part-time (less than 12 meal times)? *
For which meal times would you plan to join us at camp?
This will help us keep our camp size to 300 people at any given time.  Even if you need to bring your own food for dietary reasons or you never eat breakfast, for which meal times would you physically be at camp?
Monday, June 10
Tuesday, June 11
Wednesday, June 12
Thursday, June 13
Friday, June 14
Saturday, June 15
If you have any issues with or questions about the registration form,
email Stephanie at or call her at 320-339-1070.