Sarah Shaw Registrations

Class Registrations (Fill This Portion in For All Selections)

Weekly Art Classes

Children and Young Adult Classes
The classes I run are an hour long, once a week. Each student works on their own picture, in their own medium and as such there is no pressure from others and everyone can work at their own pace, at their own level. It is a group setting (maximum of 6 students) and each student is helped individually. I typically start each student with oil pastels, as this is not only an inexpensive medium, but it is also the easiest to learn all about drawing, depth, and detail. Once this medium is proficient, which usually takes a few months, we move on to a more challenging (and typically more costly) medium. We work on landscapes, floral, animals, still life, etc images from my reference pictures to act as a guide on their final product - with some creative, artistic license thrown in of course!
Adult Classes
Each session is set out in 6-week intervals. All artists are working on their own medium, their own image, at their own speed.
If there is something specific you wish to learn or perfect, we can do that. Beginners are welcome. You can choose between watercolours, soft pastels, oils, or acrylics.
Materials are included in the fee.
$175.00 + tax/session

Summer Art Camps 2023

Workshop Selection - Mystery Mediums Week
Each week will consist of different mediums to explore! A fun blend of art and creativity using pastels, acrylics, watercolours, and charcoal.
Workshop Selection - Colourful Crafters
This week will be filled with projects using oil pastels, paint, glue and paper to create artwork and crafts!
Workshop Selection - Time to go BIG!
This week will be spent completing an oil painting on an 18x24” gallery canvas. Time will be spent learning techniques while working independently on an image
of your choice!
Workshop Selection - 5 Day Paint Party!
This is a week long paint event! Your child will come home with a completed acrylic painting each day! - 4 sessions to choose from:
Workshop Selection - Artisan Camp
This week will contain projects to fulfill a different version of art creation; sculpture, resin, jewelry, mixed media artworks and more!