Apply to be a Keyhole Sessions Model

In applying to be a Keyhole Sessions model, you need a great attitude, confidence to be fully nude in front of a group, have amazing personal style and have a very open mind when it comes to art + sex.
We expect full nudity, with some elaborate, original, erotic poses; our models need to be comfortable to pose with other models; be prompt and professional, and most of all, we expect them to have fun. We also have our models often tied in Japanese rope bondage, called Shibari, by our experienced rigger. We expect models to 'bring it' when it comes to look and attitude, as this is not the traditional art community. The more you show us an alternative lifestyle or look, the better. Models that are comfortable with racy positions get first bookings; the racier the better. Models are expected to come with their own wardrobe, as we do not supply any {nor do we expect you to buy any specifically for TKS unless you choose to}, and we hire based on each individual's style.

All models need to be comfortable with photographs of each of their Sessions. These photos are used on our main site, and any other promotional media like Facebook {non-nude}, Twitter, etc and all photos taken by TKS are property of TKS, but you are free to use for personal or portfolio purposes.

Most gigs are paid, and the amount is dependent on the event. We are known to host life-drawing Sessions, photography events, art exhibitions, Nuit Blanche extravaganzas.

Our all-cameras Sessions are called Girls on Film, which is a group of models, posing fashion-shoot style for photographers for about 3 hours, with breaks in between. These are held in specially selected venues that change with each Session. Girls on Film happens about 4 times per year.

We're a very warm community of models and artists. Any model that has come to pose for us always comes back. We're the most sophisticated art group in the city, and have been in NOW, The Grid, EYE Weekly, torontoist, SexLife Canada, and on SexMatters TV.

If you think you've got the chutzpah, proceed in filling out the form below. 
Is this a cell phone?

Release Form

The Keyhole Sessions is Toronto's raciest art community. We often incorporate the art of Japanese rope bondage, commonly known as Shibari or Kinbaku. Models involved must know the risks involved in this constrictive form of art.

Risks involved while tied include rope burn, ligature marks, cold extremities such as fingers and toes during the instance of tying. Please consider your choice to become involved if you have respiratory issues such as asthma; blood flow issues; claustrophobia.

The Keyhole Sessions hires experienced rope riggers who are aware of the risks and work within the limits of the models’ comfort level. Ties can range from basic and decorative to more constrictive and restrictive.

In signing this form, you understand the risks involved, and consent to be tied by The Keyhole Sessions’ approved rigger; and indemnify The Keyhole Sessions against any liability should any serious injury occur.

For more information on Kinbaku/Shibari and the risks involved, you can visit many online sources, including:

In checking this box, you agree to the above release statement regarding bondage with TKS. Without this agreement, your application will not be processed. *
Along with this completed Model Application, please also send along 3 images of yourself: one facial, one of your body nude or close to it, and one of your personal fashion style.
Email these images to The Madame {they go directly to her and remain in confidence}, with a note stating you have filled out the above form. Without images, your application will not be considered.
Thanks and good luck! Due to the amount of applications received, we will not be able to contact all those who have not been selected for consideration. If you are being considered, expect a message from The Madame within 2-3 weeks.
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