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Sheryl Miller - Owner
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Thank you for your interest in our Services. Due to our busy lifestyles, I know it is hard to keep up on our Websites, newsletters and social media. We can help keep yours up to date on sales, specials, new items and a recipe for each 'flyer' period. This will SAVE you TIME and help keep your customers coming back month after month to see what has changed.
USA Landing Pages: ( page is now static and cannot be modified by customer). More flexibility and readable on tablets and phones. Updated every weekend, and will include the monthly specials, new items, sales flyers, and hostess gifts.  We update the site randomly through the month to add additional specials, backgrounds, videos, and content. Same features as before - just on new server. Simply re-direct your domain name to landing page address.
Canada Landing Pages: Weekly updates to new landing pages. TW Canada has gone to a one page design. These landing pages give us more flexibility to add weekly items, sales, videos and more. Updated every weekend, and will include the monthly specials, new items, sales flyers, and hostess gifts.  We update the site randomly through the month to add additional specials, backgrounds, videos, and content.
USA/CAN Weekly Newsletters: Weekly editions so your customers never miss a sale again. All links, shopping, recruiting, and forms go to YOUR current website system.
USA/CAN Social Media Posts: Posting 3-5 times per week on your facebook business page. This would include - but not be limited to - weekly sales, flyers, brochure, catalog, fundraiser, host specials, recruiting info, recipes, videos, short term sales, incentives (from TW corp), weekly newsletter image/receipe and more. Example:
New TRAINING and INFO pages: We are developing a new site to help with marketing, training, and unifying all our services in ONE location. This will make it easier to see recruits, find recipes, find PDF's and flyers, ask questions and get answers. See our progress at:
Note: My website is under copyright protection. Please do NOT copy/steal any content or code. I have contacted TW Corp. and they are working with me to enforce this.

The customer above agrees to pay the amount of $10-$20 on the 5th of each month to Site Impressions for website services. (listed above)

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Auto-Billing will continue until cancellation request received and confirmed via email.
We bill on the 5th of each billing cycle. NO REFUNDS so please choose plan accordingly. New Clients may choose NEW QUARTERLY and receive $5 off first cycle. 

Regular: Landing page and weekly newsletter
Regular w/Social: Added Social Media posting
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NOTE: Our policy is to keep your information secure. We will only use the username/password to update your site. Please verify spelling and lower or uppercase.
IMPORTANT: Username for Landing Page and Tupperware MUST match for shopping cart to work. If you change username with Tupperware you MUST resubmit form so we can connect the landing page to shopping cart.
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Note: Card will be billed upon completion of update for current payment plan chosen. I will send you a statement for your records. Your next billing will be on the 5th of the next month for the payment plan chosen. Submission of this form does NOT automatically bill your card.

Auto-billing will continue per cycle until cancellation request received and confirmed.

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Acceptance of Terms:

Billing Procedures:
I hereby authorize to charge my credit card on file for chosen amount per billing cycle. I will be billed upon initial update of page. Billing will then be on the 5th of each future month or billing cycle. If I choose monthly, quarterly - my card will be billed accordingly until service is cancelled and confirmed. If card is declined twice - I will receive notice and will pay promptly for service given. I agree to keep my info current to avoid interruption of service.

Cancellation Procedures:

I may cancel at anytime via e-mail. Receipt of email will be sent to CONFIRM that cancellation was received. Website services and content will then be removed at the end of last billing cycle paid and will terminate at time of update for next update period. Websites terminated after update has been completed and billing posted (5th of the month)- will close at end of the month or billing cycle paid. We do not give partial month/billing cycle refunds.

We do NOT monitor your service with Tupperware (do not know your billing status or activity status) and will continue to provide landing pages and newsletter service until contract is cancelled.

Referral Procedures:

You will receive a $5 discount per referral who signs up with the service using your name. There is no limit to referrals, and referral credit will accumulate until all referral credit is posted to your account. You can refer your friends directly to to start service.

Acceptance of Terms
Please read carefully our billing and cancellation procedures
We do NOT give refunds - subscription is for all services for USA/CAN
landing page, newsletter, recipes, team PDF's, FB sharables, e-signatures
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