Earnings Code Request/Change Form

State Accounting Office (SAO) is responsible for the payroll and accounting components and the HCM Application. The State Accounting Office will coordinate all earnings code requests with the following entities:

  • Department of Law - determines taxability, if earnings will add to Gross Pay, if subject to Garnishment and if Earning Balance must be maintained for W-2 purposes using the following statutes: (I.R.C. 61{26 U.S.C. 61] and Treas. Reg. 1.61-1 [26 C.F.R. 1.61-1])
  • ERS - determines ERS retirement eligibility in accordance with applicable laws and statutes
  • TRS - determines TRS retirement eligibility in accordance with OCGA Title 47 - Retirements and Pensions and applicable statutes
  • SAO - reviews and approves GL Expense account in accordance with the State Chart of Accounts. Tests and implements new or modified earnings codes in the TeamWorks HCM System.  OCGA Title 50 Chapter 5
  • HRA – reviews the request to align with pay policies and best practices outlined in SPB 478-1-11

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