This form is specifically for returning Members who only need to upload new images and/or update a few details.


The mandatory information is as follows:

1. Name

2. Waiver (mark checkbox that you have read and agreed)

3. Contract (mark checkbox that you have read and agreed)

4. Make payment


We strongly encourage you to upload new images!

(Please do not forget the information for the captions).


Please review your artist profile on our website to make sure it is correctly filled out, that you are being listed how you would like to be listed, and that all your info and images are correct and up-to-date. 

***It is each artist's responsibility to make sure that your artist profile is correctly filled out.***

Updated photos need to be received no later than February 15, 2019





Roundhouse Exhibition
May 9
10am - 9pm

Roundhouse Community Centre Exhibition Hall
181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver

West of Main Art Walk
May 11 & 12
11am - 5pm

In your studio or house, located within the West of Main Art Walk boundaries: west of Main Street and between False Creek and 41st Avenue. Or in a shared studio or venue located within our boundaries.

Artists registering after February 15 are not guaranteed inclusion in the brochure for the West of Main Art Walk or inclusion in the Roundhouse Exhibition.

There are no refunds.


Sept 27th              

  • Attend the Artists in Our Midst Annual General Meeting.  
    September 27th 6:30, Lord Byng School, 3939 West 16th Avenue (side 

Sept 15 – Oct 15

  • Early Bird Discount Rate Registration for the 2019 West of Main Art Walk. 

February 15, 2019

  • Artists registering after February 15 are not guaranteed inclusion in the brochure for the West of Main Art Walk or inclusion in the Roundhouse Exhibition.

Here you will find important information regarding eligibility to participate for 2019. Please take the time to review the details. The West of Main Art Walk focuses exclusively on artists in their own studios and homes producing unique works of art.

To be a participating artist in the West of Main Art Walk your studio must be within our boundaries. (west of Main Street and between False Creek and 41st Ave).

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a studio, please indicate on your registration form and we will work with you to place you either in another artist’s studio or in one of our larger venues.

  1. Your artwork must be one of a kind and created by you. Mass produced work, food manufacturers and culinary arts are ineligible.
  2. You can only promote and sell work you have created.
  3. Each artist registers individually regardless of whether the work is a collaboration, collective etc. If you are operating under a business name and/or collective with more than one artist, each artist must register.
  4. See "Artists Agreement" for further details and responsibilities.  This must be read and agreed to before you can register for the West of Main Art Walk.

If your studio is in a residential apartment building you will likely need to obtain permission from the landlord and/or manager of the building. It is your responsibility to do so.


BELOW IS OPTIONAL     Only fill out if you have new information
Name for brochure
If different, please provide your artist's name which will appear in the brochure
Your Website
for display on AIOM website


OPTIONAL     Only fill out if you have new information

Annual membership fee is $150 until October 15, 2018 (plus volunteer hours).
After October 15, 2018, regular fees are $175
(plus volunteer hours).

Have you been a member of AIOM? If yes, what years?
Do you have a studio space to display your art during the open studio weekend on the Westside?
Your studio or Exhibition space must be located within our boundaries west of Main Street and between False Creek and 41st Avenue.
If you have studio space to show in, can you share with one or more members artists who need studio space?
Is your studio wheelchair accessible?
Additional instructions if your studio is difficult to find.
Text will be included where possible.
I can confirm there is insurance to adequately cover the open studio event in my home, studio, or other location whether owned, rented or borrowed


Every artist is expected to do a minimum of 15 volunteer hours in one or more committees.

From the list below, please select three committees in order of preference where your skills may be best suited:

  1. Fundraising
    (Approach companies, banks and enterprises to ask for donations, grant writing)
    (Thank you and gifts to sponsors)
  2. Public Relations and Marketing
  3. Social media/Website
  4. Brochure Design and Graphics Committee (Design of brochures, logo, posters, signage and invitations and brochure proof reading)
  5. Brochure Distribution Committee
    (Research new venues for distribution of brochures including our larger demographic. Distribute brochures.)
  6. Merchants Windows Committee
    (Work with Merchant Chair to find merchants who will display art during our Spring open studio event and other events)
  7. Opening Event Committee
    - Curatorial (Hanging the show at the Roundhouse, hire staff, arrange art delivery, labels and signage)
    - Catering (Arrange food, liquor license, servers)
    - Entertainment and décor, street presence
    - Business (Arrange for Visa and payments, event insurance)
  8. Art for All and All for Art Fundraiser
  9. Studio labels, merchant and restaurant labels, studio signs
  10. Community Partners Committee
    - Artist(s) in residence who will work with Lord Byng students and their teacher on an in-school art project
    - Artists who will assist leading sessions in the Kits House Senior's Art Group
    - Outreach to potential community partners within our new boundaries
MANDATORY to fill out boxes below


OPTIONAL     Only fill out if you have new information

Artist Statement/ Biography

Please use the following example as a guide, using the first person, 150 words maximum.


I am an artist who is attracted by colours and patterns found in nature. I love to paint rows of grapevines and olive trees. I am not interested in expressing my innermost feelings on canvas but rather to share the joy of colour which I see in every bouquet of flowers.

I began my formal art training at Ecole de Beaux Arts in Montreal and continued in Vancouver receiving a B.Ed. with a double major in painting and ceramics. I have learned a lot about art during workshops in France and Italy. However, I have found that most of my learning comes from painting experiences from real life observation and painting what I see.


OPTIONAL (but strongly recommended)     Only fill out if you have new work
Please upload 5 images of recent works. (please watermark before sending if needed)
If you are unable to upload images on your tablet or smartphone, please use a laptop or desktop to complete your application.
File Dimensions: Minimum 1000px on the longest side.
If you're sending your images from your phone, please send as original size or they will be too small to use.

File Size: under 5 MB*, preferably under 1 MB
Format: JPG
Name your files: lastnamefirstinitial_image#_imagetitle (all lower case)
Example: Image 1   jonesg_1_blueballoons.jpg
              Image 2   jonesg_2_sleepingcat.jpg
              Image 3   jonesg_3_dawnbreaking.jpg
              Image 4   jonesg_4_ninthward.jpg
              Image 5   jonesg_5_lifeontherun.jpg

*If your images are larger, you can reduce the size by using free software like Easy Thumbnails for Windows and ResizeIt for Mac.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us at



  • My artwork is original visual artwork that I produce and is attributed to me. Although I may use other people or services to assist me in the production of my artwork, it is not mass-produced. I understand that mass-produced work, and other non-visual artworks such as food and culinary arts are not eligible.
  • Each artist in your studio must register individually and pay a membership fee. If you are operating under a business name and/or collective with more than one artist, each artist must register.
  • I accept responsibility for visitors to my studio space and set up studio/space to provide a safe environment for public.
  • I understand that the Artists in Our Midst Society advises all West of Main Art Walk participants to secure liability insurance for their studio.
  • The Artists in Our Midst Society is not responsible for individual sales. It does not take any commission on artworks sold.
  • The Artists in Our Midst Society is not responsible for technical difficulties related to the website or any other services.
  • Artists in Our Midst is a volunteer run organization which relies on each participant/member to contribute a minimum of 15 hours. I agree that I am able to volunteer to the AiOM event.
  • I have read the “Artist Agreement” and understand the details and my responsibilities. I will indicate that I have read, understand, and agree with these conditions before I register for the Artists in Our Midst Society/West of Main Art Walk.
  • Any questions please contact:


The Artists in Our Midst Society provides the membership with an opportunity to promote your artistic practice to the general public who are interested in art through the AiOM’s social media: Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram.


This service is being provided by volunteer(s). 


This policy is subject to change. AiOM reserves the right to decide which submissions will be posted and does not guarantee that every submission will be posted in a timely manner.  AiOM will not post events that are deemed to be conflict of interest for AiOM.


  1. The Artists in Our Midst Society will only post announcements that promote/advance a registered artist: such as exhibitions, grants, presentations, announcements regarding awards etc. This posting is going to out to the public.
  2. Each registered artist has an opportunity to post a maximum of two art-related announcements a year through the AiOM social media channels. The same announcement will be posted on all channels.
  3. AiOM will not post announcements for fundraising of any kind, auctions, competitions (eg. vote for my art piece), and/or ongoing events.
  4. Posting information should be sent two weeks in advance of event. AiOM will try to post within two weeks after receiving requests for posting.
  5. Collectives and/or group shows can only post once a year. Majority of artists participating must be AiOM artists for group show announcements unless an individual artist is using this as one of their two announcements. There will only be one post per group event/exhibit.
  6. To request a posting, please send the following information in one email: 1. image, 2. date(s), 3. time, 4. place, 5. opening info, 6. contact info. AiOM will not post requests that have incomplete information.



The Artists in Our Midst Society (BC registration: S-55223) promotes and publicizes open studio tours and other events open to the general public, hosted by its members on selected dates in a given calendar year.

  • I will have adequate home and/or studio insurance to cover Artists in Our Midst open studio tours and other events, in my home, studio, loaned or rented space, against claims of negligence causing possible injury to persons or damages originating in the aforementioned space and surrounding property.
  • As a member of Artists in our Midst and the exhibitor in our events, I herewith declare that I do not hold the Artists in Our Midst Society liable either in contract or negligence for any incidents and injuries involving visitors, damage or loss of personal property, loss of property to the studio or the building in which my studio, loaned, or rented display space is located, or any attached property to the building, resulting from involvement in Artists in Our Midst events.
  • I will also not hold the Artists in Our Midst Society liable in contract or negligence for any personal damage, be it physical or emotional, resulting from our events.


As a member of Artists in Our Midst Society I agree to help further its goals as stated in the Society’s Bylaws. I agree to:
  • pay my fees
  • participate (as a volunteer) on one or more committees
  • attend and participate in committee, informational and AGM meetings
  • take responsibility for any copyright or permissions that are necessary while participating in AiOM events
  • having only Artists in Our Midst artist members sell and promote their art at any AiOM event
  • agree to receive e-mails regarding present AiOM members’ exhibitions and courses
  • only use (and will not alter) the approved AiOM logo and promotional material for AiOM events
  • only use AiOM member contact lists for self promotional purposes with AIOM board approval




Early Bird Registration runs Sept 15th – October 15th

Register AFTER October 15th

Artists registering after February 15 are not guaranteed to be listed in the brochure for the West of Main Art Walk or included in the Roundhouse Exhibition.


When sending membership renewal payments to AiOM, please send direct payment by e-transfer through your banking provider. This is a simple way for AiOM to manage payments and easily track them.
Each banking institution will have slightly different formats.
Here is how it goes (generally) for an e-transfer via e-mail notification.
A member enters the payment amount, the receiver’s name and email address for email notification. That payment can then be deposited directly into our AiOM Vancity Account (when the question is correctly answered). Here is what we want:

Name:  AiOM Treasurer
Amount:  $ _____ as designated
Question: Our exhibition space
Answer:* Roundhouse
* The banking institution has security safeguards taking the form of a question and answer. Within the banking e-transfer process, the member will need to add a question (provided above) - and an answer (provided above).
If you are unable to make an e-transfer, please phone Sharon at 604.836.5506 to work out an alternative.
Please note that fees are non-refundable *
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