Fall 2022 Self-Advocacy Satisfaction Survey

Race/Ethnicity *
Gender *
Geographic Area *
What region of the state of Minnesota are you from *
Are you satisfied with this project activity? *
I am an individual with a developmental disability *
Have you gone through a DETS course and completed an end of class survey in the past year? *
Please answer the following questions with a Yes or No. Because of this Self-Advocacy activity: *
I am increasing my advocacy
I am better able to say what I want, and what is important to me
I am now participating in advocacy activites
I am serving on a cross-disability coalition, policy board, advisory board, governing body and or serving in a leadership position
Please help us to know your how your levels of independence, productivity, self-determination, integration and inclusion (IPSII*) have increased as a result of participating in this Self Advocacy training session. Evaluate yourself on a scale of 1 ( lowest) to 5 ( highest) for each measure. *
 5 - Has increased very much4321 - Has not increased at all
Independence: Since participating in this Self Advocacy training session, I have become more independent* at work, home or school.
Productivity: Since participating in this Self Advocacy training session, I am more productive.*
Self Determination: Since participating in this Self Advocacy training session, my self-determination* has increased.
Integration and Inclusion: Since participating in this Self Advocacy training session, I have experienced more community integration and inclusion.*
*Independence means the extent to which individuals exert control and choice over their own lives.
*Productivity means starting employment or a positive change in one's employment situation (better wages, hours, benefits, improved status, or job advancement).
*Self-determination means the freedom to choose where and with whom to live or taking personal responsibility for personal decisions about needed supports and services
*Integration and inclusion means using the same community resources that are available to other citizens or fully participating in community activities.
For the questions below please rate on a scale from 1-5 how strongly you agree (5) or disagree (1) with the statements. *
 5 - Strongly Agree4 - Agree3 - Niether Agree nor Disagree2 - Disagree1 - Strongly Disagree
As a result of hearing this presentation, I gained new knowledge about the subject or topic area.
The information presented will be useful to me in the future
The presenter was knowledgable about th topic area and was effective in presenting the material
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