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Financial Aid

We know the Financial Aid process can be overwhelming, but don't worry! We have experts that can help you through the process.

Many of the questions you might have can be answered by the Financial Aid Handbook or our Financial Aid page. If you don't find your answer there, please email your question to our Financial Aid Department and they will respond as soon as possible. 
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Academic Advising

If you have questions about what classes you should be taking and in what order, then the Advising Department is your solution! Please feel free to email them your questions and they will get back to you as soon as possible! You can also schedule an appointment using Navigate located in the MyPCC Portal!
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Veterans' Services

Thank you or your family member for their service. Pueblo Community College is dedicated to assisting our veterans pursue their educational goals. If you have questions about VA benefits or the required paperwork, please feel free to email or call our Veterans' Department!

Admissions and Records

The Admissions and Records office can help with your questions about residency, transcripts, graduation, and your admissions status. Call or email your question to the address below.

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