Spring 2022 Application for Admission

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A. Personal Information

If below 18 years of age, parent will be required to sign all application/enrollment documents. 
Please email registration@chrysm.edu for Below 18 application form. 

B. Program and Schedule Selection

*Please select one class schedule. You will only be reserved a seat or added to a waitlist for ONE CLASS SCHEDULE. 
*Class schedules are subject to staff availability and new schedules may be offered based on applicant request.

Esthetics (Distance Hybrid) Program

Select your preferred Esthetics class schedule.

Master Esthetics (Distance Hybrid) Program*

*PREREQUISITE: Requires a valid VA Esthetics license and/or have begun VA Esthetics licensure exam process and/or enrollment in Esthetics at The Chrysm Institute* (see Getting Started Checklist for application requirements).  
Select your preferred class schedule.

C. Demographic Information

Do you claim Virginia residency? *

D. Education

Have you ever taken post-secondary/college courses of any kind (community college, college/university, career/vocational school, etc.) *
Please select the type of high school education you completed: *
Please select the highest level degree completed:
Please list all that apply *
 Dates/Semester attendedGraduation Date, if applicable
High School
Career/Vocational School

E. Esthetics Employment History (if applicable)

If you have worked in Esthetics or a related field, please list employment below:

F. Finance

Please select planned payment type (check all that apply) *
Be sure to fill out your FAFSA and email financialaid@chrysm.edu for information about your financial aid eligibility

G. Emergency Contact Information

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