The Customer-to-Customer Exchange

Within the first month after arrival customers try on the item and find that either the body size of the intended recipient has changed or they misjudged their size, etc. and need to seek a different size.

So we have created this Customer-to-Customer Exchange site to allow people to post suggested swaps.
This normally only works well in the first few weeks after all the items of the same organization arrive and people try them on. Typically all recipients from the same organization get their orders within the same 3 days. 

We ourselves also review this Customer-to-Customer Exchange site to see if we may have that size on hand, and will try to match your need. But we typically don’t hold extras (that is, we don’t buy and own extras simply hoping someone out there want a “42 Short Princeton blazer” at some point).
So this site is offered as a service to customers who are looking to exchange one size for another.   We offer the listings as a service, but make no claim that people on the site will abide by its rules.   Caveat Empotor.
Rules:   Any person people posting that they have an item for exchange are agreeing that the item is in like-new condition, not worn, washed or dry-cleaned, and that all shipments will be done at their own cost and with tracking numbers that both parties to an exchange can observe and track.  
Privacy:  This is not a private site.
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