Audition Information:


What is the play about?  Who are you looking for?

Working is a very special musical.  The music and dialogue allow us to engage with working Americans who express what they do for work and how they feel about their jobs and their lives.  Based on the book, Working, by Studs Terkel, the music and stories will leave a profound effect.  Nominated for 6 Tony Awards, you will find a wide variety of musical styles by a variety of composers, including Lin-Manuel Miranda of In The Heights and Hamilton fame.  

This show will highlight and give opportunity for you, as actors, to develop strong characterizations and to sing songs you will love.  The casting requires a variety of skills: strong singing, acting, and dancing. Yet, we will be looking for all kinds of actors, singers, and dancers.  You do not need to be a “triple threat”! This is not a star-vehicle show, but rather one that will highlight everyone; everyone will be a part of the entire show.  We will play to YOUR individual strengths. This is true ensemble theatre at its best!


How do I get audition materials?

Audition materials are ready for you to print out by going to the Xavier web site,  Look for the prompts that will direct you to the packet.  Only print out what you need!  Read through this packet before you begin printing.  You are not allowed to use the printers at school.  If you do not have a printer at home, you may get materials in the Drama Room on the Xavier campus (PAC 212.)  Or, you may use your phone! If you would like audition assistance on either the script or the music or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see Ms. Robillard!  She will help you.



You will need to sign up for an initial audition time online.  (First come, first served.) Also, you will complete your audition form online and submit it before auditions.  Follow directions on how to submit it. Finally, you will notice Mr. Goodenberger has included rehearsal assistance for the singing auditions online.  Follow the prompts to access the materials. You’ll be able to rehearse at home with the accompaniments!


When are the auditions?

Preliminary auditions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, January 7, 8, and 9 with primary focus on singing and acting.  On Thursday, January 10 ALL auditioners will return for dance auditions. Friday’s auditions will be focused on callbacks.

The time of the auditions and where to go: general auditions will be from 3:30-6:30 Monday through Wednesday in the Drama Room (PAC

212).  Thursday dance auditions will be held on the Main Stage in the PAC from 3:30-7:00.  Friday callbacks will be held from 2:00-6:00 on the Main Stage in the PAC. Don’t forget to sign up for an audition time on Monday through Wednesday.  Everyone will come at 3:30 on Thursday for dance auditions.

Callbacks will be held on Friday, January 11.  Be prepared to read, sing, and dance.

The callback list will be posted outside the Drama Room and across the hall from the Activities Office at Xavier and in the Activities Center at Brophy Friday morning, January 11.



REMEMBER: Sign up for a specific time Monday, Tuesday, OR Wednesday for your initial audition.  Click here to fill out your time slot and to fill out your audition form.  Thursday, ALL will report at 3:30 for initial dance auditions.  Friday callbacks will include reading and singing and dancing for specific roles.


The cast list will be posted on Monday, January 14 after school.

Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, January 15.  Rehearsals will normally be from 3:30-6:30 Mondays through Thursdays and from 2:00-5:30 on Fridays.  Please check the rehearsal schedule for exact times. All cast members will be called to the first rehearsal.

Performances will be on February 28, March 1, and 2 (four total performances.)


Who will run the auditions?

Ms. Robillard will direct the play and will run the auditions, overall.  Mr. Goodenberger will be the music director and will go over the music and have you sing for him.  Mr. White will be the choreographer and will teach you the steps and observe you. The student stage manager and assistant directors will assist Ms. Robillard and will help answer any questions you may have.


How will auditions be run?

You will be asked to sing one of the songs that are included in this packet.  Make sure you become familiar with the music. You may memorize the music, but it is not necessary.  You will see Mr. Goodenberger has provided rehearsal music with which you can practice, but please ask for help ahead of time if you need it.

You will be asked to perform two short monologues as part of your initial audition.  Look for contrasting content in the monologues you choose. You may memorize the monologue, but it is not necessary.  Ask if you need help ahead of time.

You will be asked to dance at the Thursday auditions.  Make sure you wear clothing in which you can move. Make sure you wear shoes.  No flip-flops or bare feet, please. Do not be afraid. You will audition with a small group.  Mr. White will teach you the steps. If you are interested in solo, or highlighted dancing, or have special movement skills, please let us know.

You need only come on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at your scheduled time for your initial audition for singing and acting.  Thursday’s audition will be for dancing only. All auditioners must attend Thursday’s dance audition. The callback list will be posted on Friday morning. If you are called back, you will be expected to attend callbacks to read, sing, and dance. The cast list will be posted after school on Monday, January 14.

If you cannot attend the callback, or if you can only attend the callbacks, please talk to Ms. Robillard ahead of time so arrangements can be made for you to audition.  If you are considering auditioning for Brophy’s play, as a courtesy, you need to let Ms. Robillard know ahead of time. It may or may not affect casting you in a role.

The Roles:

Not all roles are represented in the auditions.  You will be considered for all roles. The final cast will probably be around 25 cast members.  All roles are integral to the show! Most actors will be singing in most of the songs. Again, only copy what you need!


  • Mike Dillard, ironworker
  • Amanda McKenny, project manager
  • Freddy Rodriguez, fast food worker
  • Rex Winship, hedge fund manager
  • Rose Hoffman, schoolteacher
  • Babe Secoli, grocery store cashier
  • Terry Mason, flight attendant
  • Frank Decker, interstate trucker
  • Raj Chadha, tech support
  • Sharon Atkins, receptionist
  • Kate Rushton, housewife
  • Conrad Swibel, UPS delivery man
  • Candy Cottingham, fundraiser
  • Grace Clements, millworker
  • Allen Epstein, community organizer
  • Anthony Coelho, stone mason
  • Eddie Jaffe, publicist
  • Delores Dante, waitress
  • Billie, newsboy
  • Joe Zutty, retiree
  • Tom Patrick, fireman
  • Utkarsh Trajillo, elder care worker
  • Theresa Liu, nanny
  • Maggie Holmes, cleaning lady
  • Ralph Werner, student



You will choose TWO of the monologues provided in the link and prepare them for your initial audition.

Click here for monologue choices for general auditions.




Click here for music sides for general auditions. 

Click here for rehearsal tracks for general auditions.

Additional callback music and readings may be selected for Friday.

CLICK THIS LINK if you would like a PDF version of this information to print. 

If you have questions regarding something not covered within this audition packet, make sure you see Ms. Robillard to have your questions answered.