The Music Man


Audition Information


What is the play about?  

The play is set in a sleepy town in Iowa where a fast-talking conman arrives trying to sell marching band instruments. He turns this unassuming community upside down and transforms it into a vivacious place. Before he’s found out, he ends up learning a lesson both in moral responsibility and compassion from the town’s librarian. The Music Man is a feel-good musical comedy about small town Americana during the early twentieth-century. This show is full of colorful, funny, and eccentric characters that light up the stage. It won the Academy Award for Best Musical Score and has everything from lyrical numbers to patter songs to a barber shop quartet! There are fantastic roles for both men and women over a variety of ages. 


Who are we looking for?

Meredith Wilson wrote The Music Man based on his hometown and the people who lived there. We want actors who can portray these characters as real living and breathing people. The casting requires a variety of skills: strong singing, acting, and dancing. However, you don’t need to be a “triple threat”! There are many outstanding roles, so please don’t let pride get in your way of accepting ANY part!  Do not let your lack of experience deter you either. If you have the desire, determination, and openness to learn, we will help you. Please indicate and be ready to show off any special movement abilities and/or vocal skills you may have. 


How do you get audition materials?

Audition materials are ready for you to print out at the BOTTOM of this page.  Look for the prompts that will direct you to the packet.  Only print what you need!  Read through this entire packet before you begin printing.  You are not allowed to use the printers at school.  If you do not have a printer at home, you may get materials in the Drama Room on the Xavier campus (PAC 212.)  If you would like audition assistance on either the script or the music or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see Ms. Vining!  She will help you.

When and where the auditions?

Preliminary auditions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 19th, 20th, and 21st with a primary focus on singing and acting.  On Thursday, August 22nd we will have dance auditions.   Auditioning students may come on Monday OR Tuesday OR Wednesday and ALL will return on Thursday for dance auditions. You will need to reserve a spot when you fill out your online audition form (see links below).


General auditions will be from 3:30-6:30 Monday through Wednesday in the Drama Room (PAC 212). Thursday dance auditions will be held on the Main Stage in the PAC from 3:30-7:00.  Friday callbacks will be held from 2:00-6:00 on the Main Stage in the PAC. Don’t forget to sign up for an audition time on Monday through Wednesday. Everyone will come at 3:30 on Thursday for dance auditions.  


Callbacks will be held on Friday, August 23rd. Be prepared to read, sing, and dance.


The callback list will be posted outside the Drama Room and across the hall from the Activities Office at Xavier and in the Activities Center at Brophy Friday morning, August 23rd.


How do I sign up for auditions?  

Sign up for a specific time Monday, Tuesday, OR Wednesday for your initial audition.  Click here to fill out your audition form online and submit it ahead of time.  Thursday, ALL will report at 3:30 for initial dance auditions.  Friday callbacks will include reading and singing and dancing for specific roles.


How do I know if I have been cast?

 You will be notified via email over the weekend after auditions.


What does the Rehearsal and Performance Schedule Look Like?

Rehearsals will begin on Monday, August 26th. Rehearsals will normally be from 3:30-6:30 or 7:00 Mondays through Thursdays (please check the rehearsal schedule for exact times) and from 2:00-5:30 on Fridays.  All cast members will be called to the first rehearsal.


Performances will be on October 2nd, 3rd, and two on October 5th (four total performances.)


Who will run the auditions?

Ms. Vining will direct the play and run the auditions.  Mr. Condon, the music director, and Ms. La Joie, the choreographer, will both be assisting during the audition process.  The student stage manager and assistant directors will also be there and can help answer any questions you may have.


How will auditions be run?

For the acting portion of the audition, you will be asked to perform one of the short monologues provided with the packet.  It is recommended that you have the monologue memorized, but it is not necessary.


You will be asked to sing a section from “Seventy-Six Trombones” and “Trouble” (please prepare for the part that is in your vocal range). Make sure you are very familiar with the music.  Same as with the monologue, you are encouraged to have the music memorized, if you can. You will see Mr. Condon has provided rehearsal music with which you can practice, but please ask for help ahead of time if you need it.


Thursday will be devoted entirely to dance auditions.  Make sure to wear clothing comfortable for moving and close-toed shoes; no flip-flops or bare feet. You will audition with a small group and Ms. La Joie will teach you the steps.  If you are interested in a solo or have any special physical talents, please let us know. If you are interested in being a dance captain please speak with Ms. La Joie.


As a reminder, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you only need to show up for your scheduled audition time.  Thursday’s audition will be for dancing only and all students auditioning are required to attend. The callback list will be posted on Friday morning and if you are called back you are expected to attend callbacks to read, sing, and dance. If you cannot attend the callback, or if you can only attend the callbacks, please talk to Ms. Vining ahead of time so arrangements can be made for you to audition.  


Please Note: You will be able to audition for both the Xavier Fall Musical and Brophy Fall Productions. 


The Roles:

Not all roles may be represented in the auditions. However, you will be considered for all roles.  The final cast will be around 35 cast members. All roles are integral to the show so don’t think that ensemble parts won’t be challenging or satisfying!  The monologues selected are for some of the characters listed below, but not all. Again, only copy what you need! 

FULL CHARACTER LIST (in no particular order):


  • Harold Hill – (Baritone) 
    • A traveling con man; charming, quick-witted, smooth talker and smart. Pretends to be a music conductor. 
  • Marian Paroo – (Soprano) 
    • A librarian and piano teacher; smart and feisty. Suspicious of Harold and protective of her family and River City. 
  • Marcellus Washburn – (Tenor/Dancer)
    • Friend and former con man with Harold Hill; friendly, comedic, and Ethel Tofflemeier’s boyfriend.
  • Mayor George Shinn – (Chorus) 
    • Local politician; self-important, pompous, gets flustered easily, mixes words and phrases around. Protective of his daughters and suspicious of Harold. 
  • Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn – (Alto) 
    • Mayor Shinn’s wife and leader of the Ladies Auxiliary; a gossip, high society, takes herself too seriously, and keeps her husband in line.
  • Mrs. Paroo– (Mezzo Soprano) 
    • Widowed Irish mother to Marian and Winthrop; speaks with an Irish accent, sweet and cheerful homemaker who wants the best for everyone. Falls for Harold’s con.
  • Winthrop Paroo – (Already cast
    • Marian’s little brother (10 yrs old); cute, does not talk much because of a lisp and misses his dead father. Harold befriends him and helps build his self-confidence.
  • Tommy Djilas – (Chorus/Dancer) 
    • A teenager from the “wrong side of town”; mischief maker and likes Zaneeta Shinn. Harold instills him with confidence and trust to become the leader of the band.
  • Zaneeta Shinn – (Chorus/Dancer) 
    • Mayor Shinn & Eulalie’s scatterbrained teenage daughter and likes Tommy; cute and feminine.
  • Charlie Cowell – (Chorus) 
    • A rival traveling salesman; hates Harold and wants to take him down. 
  • The School Board (Barbershop Quartet)–
    • Ewart Dunlop - (Second Tenor) Owner of the General Store and married to Maud Dunlop.
    • Oliver Hix - (Baritone) Banker and Married to Alma.
    • Jacey Squires - (High Tenor) Owner of the livery stable and married to Mrs. Squires.
    • Olin Britt- (Bass) Editor of the Gazette.
  • Ladies Auxiliary– 
    • Maud Dunlop – (Chorus) Wife of Ewart Dunlop and one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends.
    • Alma Hix – (Chorus) Wife of Oliver Hix and gossipy friend of Eulalie.
    • Mrs. Squires – (Chorus) Wife of Ewart Dunlop and another one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends.
    • Ethel Toffelmier – (Chorus) Girlfriend of Marcellus and plays the player piano; cheerful, friendly, and gossips with the other ladies.
  • Gracie Shinn – (Chorus) 
    • Mayor’s younger daughter; kind of a tomboy and a bit devilish.
  • Amaryllis – (Alto) 
    • Young piano student of Marian’s who likes Winthrop.
  • Constable Locke – (Chorus) 
    • The town Sheriff.
  • Train Conductor /Townsperson– (Chorus) 
    • In the first scene he is the Train Conductor and becomes a River City Townsperson for the remainder of the show.
  • Traveling Salesmen – (Chorus) 
    • Salesmen on the train who warn each other about Harold Hill.
  • River City Townspeople – (Chorus) 
    • These are small town folks who are proud of their town. They are of all ages, sizes and shapes. They will be part of a “family” and assigned children.
  • River City Kids & Teens – (Chorus) 
    • These are the dancing and singing ensemble in all the numbers that the townspeople are in. 



You will choose ONE of the monologues provided in the link and prepare it for your initial audition. Additional scenes will be used for callbacks and will be available to you the day of callbacks.


Click here for monologue choices for general auditions.



Click here for music


Additional audition materials will be selected for Friday.


Please see Ms. Vining if you have any additional questions.