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Our four major sites October Gallery Panoramic Poetry  October Gallery Mall Art TV Network receive millions of hits per year.

****October Gallery has over 50,000 patron emails.
****We have thousands of Facebook friends & fans.
****October Gallery's Art TV Network Videos have over 500,000 video views.

When it comes to promoting African American Art & Art Related News October Gallery is #1.

October Gallery is Celebrating 26 Years in the African American Art Industry and has operated a physical art gallery in Philadelphia, PA since 1985.
We have been connecting people with art for 26 years. We deliver magic and romance to the art experience.


Our demographics

GENDER 71% Female
                  29% Male

AGE        14% 21-29
                 55% 30-49
                 27% 50 & Over

SINGLE     59%

EDUCATION 96% High School Graduates
                       50% Undergraduate Degrees
                       19% Graduate Degrees

INCOME    33%  $ 25 - 39,999
                48%   $ 40 - 79,999
                10% Above $ 125,000

We are the #1 portal for African American Art and more.....

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Thank You for Choosing October Gallery for your Expo/Festival Needs.
We have been apart of the African American art industry Since 1985.

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