Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School Individual Professional Development Plan

Please complete all of the following items.  Your entries on this online form will be used to generate a preliminary copy of your Individual Professional Development Plan (Form LPDC - F2), which will be reviewed collaboratively by the LPDC members and Mrs. Ricci.  You will also receive a copy of your submission by email immediately upon completion of this form.

For the following fields please use the following format: MM/DD/YYYY

Goals and action steps are related to student, teacher and school needs within the context of the District Plan for Catholic Schools and the school’s continuous improvement Plan.  Goals are written following The Process Model developed by the State of Ohio’s Regional Local Professional Development Committee Support Team. The IPDP language reflects the inclusion of “SMART” goal terminology.
School’s Continuous Improvement Goals:
1. Students will think and act in ways that reflect the Catholic social teaching of solidarity.
2. Students will increase the use of logic, reasoning and judgment to consciously make sense of information and experiences.

Consider Religion Certification, Personal/Professional goals, and goals that relate to the Ohio Standards for Educators or Principals.
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