Student Technology Survey
In order to learn about how technology is used at NDCL, we are asking students to take a survey.

The survey asks about:
• The technology resources at NDCL
• How students and teachers use technology
• Students' technology skills
• The benefits of using technology
Your thoughts and opinions are very important. Your responses are confidential and will be combined with the responses of other students at NDCL summarized in a report.

The survey should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

I am currently a: *
How would you rate your overall ability to use technology? *
I have access to reliable high-speed internet at home. *
How would you describe your access to technology at home for school purposes (including whether you have access to a computer to complete school assignments)? *
What devices do you bring to school on a regular basis for school purposes? Check all that apply: *
Please select which of the following best describes your daily use of technology at NDCL. *
For the following statements please indicate your agreement to the statement using the following scale: *
Level of Agreement
Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon’t know
When I need a computer at school, one is available for me to use.
I access technology for personal use at school.
The current software (apps, academic databases, NoodleTools, etc.) NDCL provides for student use is adequate for my educational needs.
I have enough access to the Learning Commons.
The school's Internet connection is reliable and consistent.
Most hardware (computers, tablets, etc.) resources are up-to-date.
Most software (apps, browsers, etc.) resources are up to date.
I use my own device to get around Internet filters at school.
I frequently use my own device in the classroom.
Blackboard is a helpful tool for learning in my classes.
I feel confident using Blackboard.
My teachers assign schoolwork that require me to use technology.
Teachers at NDCL use technology as they teach and work with students.
Teachers at NDCL use technology to communicate with students (email, etc.)
Technology use in my classes enhances my learning in the classroom.
I know and understand the policies for technology use at NDCL.
Student Technology Use

For each item, check the box below the response that comes closest to indicating how often you do the described activity: “Very Often,” “Often,” and so on. If you do not have enough information to form an opinion about an item, select “Don’t Know.”

Please indicate how often you have done the following things at school this school year. *
Degree of Use
I use technology while working in teams with other students.
I take quizzes and tests on Blackboard.
I take quizzes or tests electronically--other than on Blackboard.
I use technology to…
(Check all that apply.) *
Thank you for your thoughtful input!