Disaster Recovery Program Application

Disaster Recovery Program Non-Field Farm Road Repair

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Did the applicant file an application with FSA- Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) for the road? If No, encourage applicant to submit a late file request to FSA *
Cooperator is eligible for 90% cost share assistance because:
I have provided a copy of one of the eligible documents to verify Agriculture Cost Share Program eligibility: *
I hereby certify that the damage to the road that is the subject of the application was caused by or made more severe as a result of Hurricane Matthew or Tropical Storm Hermine or Julia. *
I hereby apply for cost sharing assistance under the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program .  This application does not guarantee cost share approval nor obligate the applicant to enter into a cost share agreement.   For the purposes of developing and implementing my NCACSP application, I authorize the release of records that are in custody of USDA.  I acknowledge that producer, landowner and farm information provided on this NCAgWRAP application and/or accompanying documents, including information and documents received from the USDA, are subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.
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