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Disaster Recovery Program - Farm Pond Repair

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Did the applicant file an application with FSA- Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) for the pond? If No, encourage applicant to submit a late file request to FSA (Note: ECP funds can be used as match for this program) *
Cooperator is eligible for 90% cost share assistance because:
Primary Purpose of Pond: *

SITE CHARACTERISTICS All values are estimated and best opinion values. Detailed topographic surveys and site investigations are not a part of this assessment. The information collected in this preliminary assessment applies only to the site identified on the attached location map, which should include the pond to be repaired and the land management unit that will benefit from the proposed repair.

Type of Pond: *
Does the dam appear to be in sound, structural condition? (If No, explain any deficiencies.)


Does the principal spillway need to be replaced? If Yes, please describe why (rusted, collapsed, leaking etc.)
Are there any other concerns regarding the existing principal spillway?
Is the auxiliary spillway eroding? If Yes, please describe severity.
Are there any other concerns regarding the auxiliary principal spillway?


Erosion? If Yes, please describe location and severity.
Does the erosion appear to be from overtopping?
Is the pond leaking? If Yes, please describe how, where and severity.
Are there any other concerns regarding the embankment?


Are there trees/high bushes?
Trees over 6" diameter? If yes, please list an estimate of how many.


Is the original engineering design for this pond available?
I have provided a copy of one of the eligible documents to verify program eligibility: *
I hereby certify that the damage to the agricultural pond that is the subject of the application was caused by or made more severe as a result of Hurricane Matthew or Tropical Storm Hermine or Julia. *
I hereby apply for cost sharing assistance under the North Carolina Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program.  This application does not guarantee cost share approval or obligate the applicant to enter into a cost share agreement.   For the purposes of developing and implementing my NCAgWRAP application, I authorize the release of records that are in custody of USDA.  I acknowledge that producer, landowner and farm information provided on this NCAgWRAP application and/or accompanying documents, including information and documents received from the USDA, are subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.
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