2023 Library Survey

Please help us better serve you by completing this survey. We estimate the survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes.
We encourage all members of your household, including grade school children, to complete individual surveys. Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you!

Demographic Information

What is your age?
Where do you live?
If you are not a Denville resident, what is your ONE primary reason for using the Denville Library?

Library Use

How often do you visit the Denville Library in person?
What are the THREE main reasons why you usually visit the Denville Library in person?
If you do not usually visit the Denville Library in person, why not? Please check all that apply.

Adult Services

Have you attended an ADULT program at the Denville Library -- either in person or via Zoom -- in the last year?
For ADULT programming, do you have a preference between in-person or Zoom programming?
What are some topics for ADULT programming that might interest you? Please check all that apply.
The library has expanded our displays of books, audiobooks, and movies throughout the ADULT sections of the library, including a staff picks display. Please check the box below that most closely matches your opinion of these displays.

Youth Services

In the last year, have you or your children attended a YOUTH SERVICES (children and teen) program sponsored by the Denville Library? This includes programs held in the library as well as at other venues like Gardner Field and Town Hall.
Where would you prefer to attend YOUTH SERVICES programs?
The Denville Library often holds YOUTH SERVICES programs when the library is closed to the public, so that we may utilize all available space in the library. For after hours programs, which time slot would your family prefer?
Would you or your children be interested in attending a YOUTH SERVICES program via Zoom?
Have you or your children reserved a YOUTH SERVICES take-home craft kit in the last year?
The following are some of the themes for which the YOUTH SERVICES department has developed take-home craft kits. Please check all themes that interest you or your children.

Digital Resources / Technology

Do you prefer to read books in print form or by downloading digital content to your phone, tablet, or other device?
Do you prefer to listen to audiobooks by listening to physical CDs or by downloading digital content to your phone, tablet, or other device?
Libby by Overdrive is the free library app used by the Denville Library and the Main Library Alliance to deliver ebooks and eaudiobooks to our patrons' phones, tablets, or other devices. Have you used or tried to use Libby in the last year?
If you have either not used Libby OR have been dissatisfied trying to use Libby, please let us know why. Check all that apply.
The Main Library Alliance app stores your library card barcode and allows you to search for items and place holds on your mobile device. Have you ever used the Main Library Alliance app?

Library Facility and Services

Please rate the library facility on a range from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent). If you do not have any firsthand experience with an item listed, please skip that item.
Available Space12345
Children's Room12345
Ease of Access12345
General Cleanliness12345
Layout and Arrangement12345
Library Grounds12345
Meeting Room12345
Noise Level12345
Public Computers12345
Reference Section12345
Seating and Tables12345
Self Checkout12345
Signs and Signage12345
Study Space12345
Teen Room12345
Please evaluate the Denville Library's services on a scale of 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent). If you do not have firsthand experience with an item listed, please skip that item.
Adult Collection12345
Availability of Materials12345
Building - Look and Feel12345
Building - Size and Available Space12345
Children's Collection12345
Children's Staff12345
Circulation (Front Desk) Staff12345
Ease in Locating Materials12345
Ease of Checkout12345
Ease of Parking12345
Hours of Operation12345
Interlibrary Loan12345
Library Catalog12345
Library of Things12345
Library Website12345
Museum Passes12345
Public Computers12345
Reference / Adult Services Staff12345
Teen Collection12345
Telephone Assistance12345
Wireless Internet12345

Potential Improvements

If the library were to provide programs (either adult or youth services) on the southern end of Denville, closer to Route 10, how likely would you be to attend?
Please check all the areas in which you would be interested in seeing the library improve our current facility.
Would you support improving the library's facility through municipal bond funding and/or private donations and fundraising?


The library is considering forming a non-profit foundation to focus on fundraising. If you would be interested in participating, please email director@denvillelibrary.org for more information.
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