Phone Interview

Applicant Information

(Please list all adults in household involved in adoption)

Phone Interview Questionnaire

1. Where did they hear about MAGDRL? *
2. Have they had Danes before? If so what happened to the dane(s)? *
2a. Have they or anyone in their household ever been in contact with MAGDRL concerning a Dane, either adoption or turn in? *
4a. Are they seen at least once a year for an annual exam? If not, why?
4b. Are they up to date on all vaccinations? If not, why?
4c. Are they are Heartworm preventative? If not, why?
4d. Are they licensed? If not, why?
4e. Have they taken their dogs to obedience training? If not, why?
6. Where will they keep the Dane when they are away?
8c. Does the fence complete enclose the backyard? If not, please explain. *
8e. If no fence, is installation scheduled? Installation date?

Please explain to the applicant that the home check will not be completed until the fencing is installed.

8f. Fencing exception required? *

Explain that fencing exceptions are subject to Board approval and requires written references.

9. Do they: *
9a. If rent, does lease stipulate large dogs?

Tell them we will need to see allowance in writing prior to home check.

10. Do they have any plans on moving in the next three years? If yes, please explain. *
11. Are interior stairs covered with slip resistant tread? *
11a. If no, will they cover before home check?

Please explain that the home check will not be completed until stair treads are installed.

12. Are there any water features on property? If so, please comment. *
14. Are any family members allergic to dogs? *
15. Do both adults work? *
16a. If longer than 6 hours, do they have a midday relief plan? Explain.

You can estimate this from above but get them to verify estimate. If dog will be alone more than 6 hours (the maximum time recommended without dog being able to go outside to eliminate) explain ways to get him out (doggy door, dog walker; retired persons and pre-teens are good sources).

19. Are they interested in a male or female, or does it matter? *
19c. Are they interested in specific orphans? If so, who? *

Ensure that they know of our policy of not doing same sex adoptions.

20. Will you agree to have all family members (including midday relief provider) present at the home evaluation? *

Additional Questions for Potential Foster Home

For All Applicants

Use this area to provide your overall impression of applicant. Did they seem genuine? Enthusiastic? Would you leave your dog with them?

Did you send them, or direct them to, an application? *
Suggested brochures for the home check volunteer to take along: *