Home Check


Applicant Information


Is household: *
Children? *
Current dogs living in house? *
Dogs next door? *
Do dogs in the neighborhood run loose? *
Do other dogs visit house? *
Does family walk dog in neighborhood? *
Does family want to take dog to dog park or to friend's house to socialize with other dogs? *
Cats in house? *
Other animals in house? *


Where is house located? *
Is property close to main highway or intersection? *
Within 500 feet or attached to neighbor? *
Acreage? *
Fenced yard? *
Will the Dane ever be chained? *
Where will the Dane live for the most part? *
If outside, is there a warm, dry, and safe place out of the house?
Dog Runs/Kennels *
Swimming pool? *
If Yes, is pool fenced off in some way?

Responsibility for Dane

Is there an adult who will take responsibility for Dane's welfare? *
Does it appear the welfare of the dane will be left to an irresponsible child or adult? *
Do they understand never to leave a dog in unlocked car? *
Do they understand never to leave a dog in the car in summer? *
Will they supervise the Dane at all times when it is outside? *
Will they keep the Dane's vaccination and heartworm medications current? *
Will a specific person(s) pick up feces? *
Do they understand about worms? *

Kind of People

Do the children present have good conduct, respect for others?
Does anyone in the family object to having a Dane? *
Will they set and maintain appropriate behavioral limits (i.e. constant discipline, routine, etc. - check children's behavior for indication)? *
Do they know anything about obedience? *
Is what they know about obedience on the abusive side?
Is someone at home during the day? *
Is dog left alone for over 6 hours a day? *
Do they understand that the adoption is a transition for the Dane and that the Dane will need time to adjust? *
Are the adults in the household? *

Knowledge of Breed

Do they understand specific problems of breed (Lifespan, size relative to a car, furniture, etc.)? *
Have they ever had a Dane before? *
Do they understand proper and improper diet? *
Do they understand things harmful to this breed (bones, electric cords, detergents, waste baskets, toilet bowls, kids toys, fertilizer, etc.)? *
Did you discuss elevated feeding as an option? *
Did you discuss bloat with them? *
Do they understand the amount of money it will take to feed the Dane? *
Can they afford it? *
Will they pay for it? *
Do they understand the amount of money it will take to pay the veterinarian if the Dane becomes ill or just for check-ups? *
Can they afford it? *
Will they pay for it? *

Specific Requests

Will they tattoo or microchip the Dane? *
Will they spay/neuter? *
Do they understand what to do if an animal is missing? *
Will they get ID tags for the Dane as soon as possible? *
Will they give the name, address, and phone number of the veterinarian they will use? *
Will they contact us first if things do not work out? *
Will they contact us if they are moving and can't take the Dane? *
Are all their indoor stairs carpeted? *

Other Information

Recommendation * 🛈