In-Depth Evaluation


General Dane Information

Where does Dane come from? * 🛈
Sex? *
Pure bred? *
Spayed or neutered? *
Ears? *
Color? * 🛈
Does the Dane have AKC or other papers? *


Has the Dane lived with other dogs? *
Does the Dane respond well to same sex dogs? *
Does the Dane respond well to opposite sex dogs? *
Does the Dane meet small dogs well? *
Does the Dane meet large dogs well? *
Has the Dane ever been in a dog fight? *
Has the Dane been around other dogs socially? *
Has the Dane lived with cats? *
Has the Dane been exposed to other animals (birds, ferrets, etc.)? *
Is the Dane good with children? *
Is the Dane good with men? *
Does the Dane allow a physical exam? *
Does the Dane guard any high-value items (food, bedding, etc)? *
Is the Dane OK when left alone for more than 6 hours? *
Where is the Dane kept when owners are not home? *
How does the Dane greet strangers at the door?

Living Environment

Is the Dane house trained? *
Is the Dane crate trained? *
Does the Dane travel well? *
Does the Dane get regular exercise? *

Medical Information

Is the Dane tattooed or microchipped? *
Is the Dane currently on any medications?? *
Has the Dane had any surgeries and/or medical conditions? *
Is the Dane current on all vaccines? *
Can the dog see? *
Can the dog Hear? *


Is the Dane fed off of an elevated platform?

Obedience Training

Does the Dane have any obedience training?
Does the Dane have any obedience titles?
Commands demonstrated (check all that apply):
Does the Dane respond well to commands?

Owner Information (Skip if Shelter Dog)

Is current owner the Dane's first owner?
Why is current owner giving up the Dane?
Where did owner get Dane from?
If breeder, has owner attempted to contact?
Is the owner willing to part with crates, dishes, toys, etc. that "belong" to the Dane?

Shelter Information (Skip if Owner Turn In)

Evaluator Info

Place where evaluation occurred * 🛈
This Dane would do best in a home that is (check all that apply): *