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Wright Document Services is recruiting Pipefitters for Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, MS.  Pipefitters are responsible for fitting pipe consisting of various materials such as steel, galvanized, copper, copper-nickel and stainles along with the appropriate valves and fittings utilizing various tools and equipment in accordance with drawing, arrangements and blueprint.

Personal Information - This is a secure site but call 504-496-3912 if you prefer.

What is your status? *
Is there anything that would prevent you from passing a security level background test? *
Do you have 4+ years of verifiable marine or industrial experience as a Pipefitter? *
Are you able to layout, fabricate, fit and install pipe? *
Are you able to read marine blueprints and work from both standard and metric specifications? *
Can you pass a written comprehension exam? *
Will you pass a test that requires you to fit up an assembly from a pipe detail? *
Will you pass a test requiring you to figuring a rolling .90 and 45 degree offset? *
Are you able to fit flanges and valves? *
Do you have a Tech Master certification? *
Do you have prior shipbuilding experience? *
Have you ever worked at Northrop Grumman as a Direct Hire, Contractor or badged employee? *
Have you participated in the HA or RA program in the past 4 years? *
If yes to one of the two above questions, which yard?
Have you ever applied for work at Ingalls/Northrop and been turned down for any reason? *
Even with a Contractor? *
If yes to one of the two above, what was the reason?
Have you tested through any other vendor in the past thirty days or scheduled to take the test already? *
Have you been released, terminated or discharged from Ingalls in the past 6 months? *

Additional Skills

A resume is not required for testing but if you have one to give us please upload it now.

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