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Wright Document Services is recruiting Pipe Welders for Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, MS.  Pipe Welders are responsible for pipe welding procedures on Stainless Steel and Copper Nickel pipe using the TIG welding process.  If you would like to schedule a test please complete this form.  You will receive a confirmation call within an hour and should have a test date within 24 hours.  Call 504-496-3912 with questions.

Personal Information

What is your Status? *
Is there anything that would prevent you from passing a security level background test? *
Do you have 3+ years experience as a TIG welder? *
Do you have GTAW (TIG) experience? *
Do you have SMAW (STICK) experience? *
Are you able to pass military standard x-ray welding test on stainless steel and copper nickel in the 6g (restricted) position? *
Will you pass a test given in a 6g restricted position on a 5” schedule 80 carbon steel pipe? *
Will you pass a test requiring you to use the TIG process to weld the root pass and a 11018 electrode to weld the fill portion and cap? *
Can you pass an x-ray quality exam? *
Do you have a Tech Master certification? *
Have you ever worked at Northrop Grumman as a Direct Hire, Contractor or badged employee? *
Have you participated in the HA or RA program in the past 4 years? *
If yes to one of the two above questions, which yard?
Have you ever applied for work at Ingalls/Northrop and been turned down for any reason? *
Even with a Contractor? *
If yes to one of the two above, what was the reason?
Have you tested through any other vendor in the past thirty days or scheduled to take the test already? *
Have you been released, terminated or discharged from Ingalls in the past 6 months? *

Additional Skills

A resume is not required for testing but if you have one to give us please upload it now.

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