Terms & Conditions Of Surrender

Must be read and signed by the owner(s) relinquishing the above-named dog. If you have questions about any of the items below, please discuss them with the rescue before the surrender is finalized.
1. Certification of legal ownership: I/We certify that I/we are the legal owner(s) or the duly appointed agent(s) or guardian(s) of the above-named/described dog.
2. Truthfulness of information provided: I/We hereby affirm, awknowledge, warrant and represent that ALL information contained in this agreement is true and correct to my/our best knowledge and belief.
Further, I/we release and indemnify Laura's Hope Rescue from any responsibility for any false information provided by me/us regarding the above-named dog. Should any of the information set forth in this agreement be discovered to be false, untrue or misleading in any respect, at any time owner(s) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Laura's Hope Rescue by, from and against any and all claims, suits, damages, liabilities and costs related to or in any manner connected with the dog. (including reasonable attorney's fees)
3. Release of veterinary records: I/we give Laura's Hope Rescue the right to access any and all previous medical records regarding this dog and authorize prior veterinarians to release all such records.
4. Understanding of LHR's rights and responsibilities: The undersigned legal owner(s)/guardian(s) of this dog understands and accepts LHR as the new owner of the above-named dog. As such, LHR shall reserve the right to surgically sterilize and aquire any other medical or surgical care deemed appropriate by LHR for the dog. In case of aggression or extensive medical or surgical problems (as determined by LHR in conjunction with veterinary consultation), LHR reserves the right to euthanize the dog if deemed appropriate, which would be due to aggression and/or health condition(s) compromising the dog's quality of life.
Laura's Hope Rescue will never euthanize a dog due to space limitations.
NOTE: If dog is co-owned (husband/wife or two or more people), both/all signatures are required before the dog can be accepted by Laura's Hope Rescue, and both/all must agree that the dog cannot be reclaimed for any reason.
(Your dog's best interest is always our top priority. He or she will remain with us until we find the best adoptive family).