Let Us Help Your Dog

We understand that giving up your dog is an extremely difficult decision. Laura's Hope Rescue wants you to know that we have your dog's best interest at heart. If your dog meets our requirements,We promise to find the best possible home for your dog by carefully reviewing the information you provide us and matching it to corresponding adopters.
You can help us by filling out this intake form. We know it seems long but the more information that you give us, the better chance we have at finding your dog the perfect home. Please be honest with the answers, as it will greatly assist us in determining the best outcome for your dog. In addition, this information (with the exception of your contact information) will be shared with the new adopted family so they know as much background information as possible. Laura's Hope Rescue also asks that when surrendering your dog you send all of their belongings; this includes current food, bedding, toys ect..  in order to make the transition a smooth one.
Completing this form should take no more than 20-30mins. If you have any questions while doing so, please contact us at Laurashoperescue@gmail.com. Please be aware we will ask for you to provide the veterinary records you have and there may be a surrender fee if your dog needs immediate care in order to be able to come to live at the rescue.
 There is a fee of $150.00 to take your dog. We will have to take it to our vet to assure it is healthy and to vaccinate or alter if neccessary. If your dog is spayed/neutered and current with all of it's vaccinations we will  accept a donation to care for the dog until we find it a home.  For the safety of the residents and volunteers , we cannot take dogs that have ANY aggression issues.
Background Information
Is the dog spayed or neutered? *
Has this dog had any other surgeries? *
Where did you get this dog? *
Is the dog purebred? *
Is the dog Microchipped? *
Current Household History
Environment when outdoors? *
Dog's location when left alone: *
Does dog get upset or anxious when left alone? *
Is dog allowed on furniture? *
Is the dog Crate Trained? *
If yes, how often are they in their crate? *
Dog's behavior in their crate: *
Any difficulty going up or down steps? *
How often does the dog travel by car? *
Behavior while in car? *
House Training History
Is the dog housebroken? *
Does the dog have 'accidents' in the house? *
If yes, how often? *
If yes, what kind? *
How long can the dog 'hold it?' *
Interaction With People and Other Animals
Please list the ages of all household members the dog currently lives with:
Please rate the dog's typical reaction to the following: (Check all that apply)
Men in Household
Women In Household
Children in Household
Reactions to Strangers/New People *
During Vet Appointments: *
Reactions to other dogs: *
Reactions to cats: *
How often is the dog in contact with children? *
How do children usually treat the dog? *
What other animals has the dog lived with?
Large dogs *
Small dogs *
Cats *
Other animals? If so, please list types below: *
Has the dog ever been in a fight with another dog, animal, or human? *
Training Information
Has the dog ever had obedience training? *
Responsiveness to training: *
Any known commands? *
How would you describe the dog's energy level? *
Does your dog do any of the following? Please check all that apply: *
Have you consulted with a trainer to fix negative behaviors? *
Behavior around Food and Toys
How does the dog react when someone gets near their food bowl? *
Are you able to touch the dog or the food bowl while the dog is eating? *
What happens when you touch a toy that's in the dog's mouth? *
How does the dog react to being moved while it is sleeping? *
Reaction to being pushed or pulled off of furniture? *
Fear of thunderstorms? *
Fear of fireworks? *
Fear of vacuum cleaner? *
Fear of new places? *
Feeding/Grooming Informaton
Given any table scraps? *
Typical appetite: *
Groomed by: *
Please check the column that best describes your dog's reaction to the following:
Fur Brushing
Nail Clipping (grinder or clipper)
Ear Cleaning
Tooth brushing
Tail Contact
Health Information: Medical records must accompany dog.
Past or present medical conditions:
Ear Infections
Itchy skin/hot spots
Arthritis/Hip dysplasia/Stiffness
Gastrointestinal Issues
Heart Disease
Is the dog on any current meds?
Is the dog currently on a heartworm preventive?
Do you use a topical flea flea/tick preventive?
Does the dog see a veterinarian on a regular basis?