Dr. Brown's Promotional Product

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Promotional Products can help accomplish the following:

Increase Sales

Retain Customers

Increase Employee Attendance

Improve Employee Safety Programs

Reduce Employee Turnover


Please complete the online form below so that we can help you improve your organizational and marketing goals for this year, and beyond. 

To assist you with choosing your desired promotional clothes or items for the plan-please refer to the following websites: 

https://DrKLBPromoAdvertisingPlans.com - Dr. Brown's Promotional Products Website

https://KBBestBuys.com - Kaeser & Blair Best Buy Online Catalog







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If you request it, for large orders we will send one sample for your approval before the entire order is shipped.  There is usually a charge for a physical sample.  Do you desire to have a sample product shipped to you before your entire order is shipped? *