Florida Resident, Single Parent, or DACA Scholarship Application

This scholarship is only available for the following programs: 
Medical Assistant -$1500-2000
Patient Care Technician - $500-700
Medical Administrative Assistant - $500-1000
Mental Health Technician - $600

Must meet one of the following requirements: 
Must be 18 years of age or older.
Must have a financial hardship and need assistance.
Must be a Single Parent.
Must be a Florida resident for at least 6 months.
Must have the intention of completing a career program with Zeal.
Must meet qualifications to attend classes.

Except for the Medical Assistant program, there is no scholarship for our contracted partners such as Career Source and Vocational Rebab centers and scholarship sponsors. 
Instant Scholarships must be used towards a program within 60 days.
Scholarships are free, but students must sign an agreement accepting the scholarship and its term.
Scholarships can be forfeited due to violation of the school's policies (for example, attendance and failure of remaining tuition payment).
Depending on the circumstances, you may be responsible to repay the scholarship if you drop out or cancel out of a program. Otherwise, the scholarship is free. 
Thank you, 
Zeal Technical Institute

Student Information

Race/Ethnicity *
Marital Status *
Residence Status *


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