Upload Your Presentation (MP4) & Handouts (PDF)

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  • Your total presentation must be exactly 60 minutes in length (120 minutes for the masters series)
  • We recommend you use Zoom to pre-record your presentation. Or any other webinar tool that lets you share slides, records you speaking and can be saved to your computer and converted to an mp4 file
  • Set your screen size to 1280 px x 720 px, also known as 16:9, prior to recording
  • Practice your presentation several times so that when you begin recording you are as comfortable as presenting in front of a group
  • Record your presentation and save the presentation as one mp4 file (only mp4 files will be accepted) with a 1280 px x 720 px resolution size


Once your presentation is converted to the mp4, upload it along with your handout in the form to the right

  • If your mp4 file is less than 100MB, you will upload it directly in the form as an attachment
  • If your mp4 file exceeds 100MB it is too large to attach in the form. You will need to upload it to a large file service and copy/paste the sharable link in our form. We suggest you use Google Drive as it is easily accessible, and your large file is sharable.
  • Upload your Handout(s) into the form. Remember if providing more than one document, combine them into one single pdf


To help you learn how to get the best quality for your recording using Zoom, here are links to a couple of videos that show you how to do just that:

If you don’t have a Google account, here’s a video link to show you how to set one up: Google Drive: how to create an account and add a file

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=119&v=P7555XLfHgs&feature=emb_logo

How to share a Google Drive file link

There are other video tutorials out there to help you get the most out of the platform you choose, so be sure the search them out.