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Please note, our fundraising card program is intended for non-profit groups and organizations ONLY.  We cannot check out cards to for-profit organizations, individuals, or individual groups/teams fundraising on their own and not part of a sanctioned group fundraiser.  If you fall under the above categories and wish to fundraise, we do have other options for you.  Please see our fundraising sheet online for details.

Fundraiser Card Information

Note:  A manager from the pickup store will contact you to confirm your cards are ready.  Please make sure to bring photo ID, credit card you used for contract, and proof of your relationship with the organization (such as team roster, letterhead, 501c3 letter, etc)

Credit Card Information

(for guarantee only--card will not be charged at this time and you may pay in any way you wish at end of sale)


Please provide 2 other contacts from the organization including yourself if not main contact listed above
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Contract Terms

Jamba Juice fundraising cards valid for 6 Buy One Get One Free smoothies are distributed on consignment. There are no upfront costs. Retail cost of card is $10.00. Your organization will receive 50% of the proceeeds. Fundraisers are to run NO LONGER than 21 days from the time of distribution to the close of your sale. Your organization is responsible for all cards distributed. A minimum of 50 cards must be sold/purchased at time of closeout. This product has real cash value. Consequently, replacement of full cash value of any lost or stolen cards will be the responsibility of the Seller. All unsold cards above the minimum of 50 cards sold, may be returned at the close of the sale at no cost to your organization. Payment is due in full on the last day of the sale. If your organization goes unresponsive for more than 7 days beyond the close of your fundaising date, Jamba Juice will charge your credit card the FULL AMOUNT of fundraising cards checked out.

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