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There are a lot of options in Velocity to add interest to an image without having to spend time in Photoshop. These include image color tones, opacity, masking, and more!
In this first example, we'll explore the basics of Masks. In another tutorial, we'll go in depth into how you can create and use your own custom masks.
If you're familiar with Photoshop, you probably already know about masks. They are a way of hiding part of the image to give an artistic effect. Velocity has several types of masks built in. And the best part is, they aren't permanent. You can easily change your mind at any time. Start by selecting the Masks tab at the bottom of the Velocity screen (highlighted in green).
Just drag and drop a mask to an image in the layout. In this example, I used a mask from the Borders set to add a hand painted watercolor edge to the image.
Here is a close-up of the masked image so you can see the border applied.
Want to try a different border? Just drag and drop a different mask on the image. Want to remove the mask? Right-click on the image and select Mask > Remove Mask or you can drag and drop the "None" mask to the image.