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Backgrounds and Scrapbooks in Velocity are like jewelry or the perfect pair of shoes. They accessorize your designs. In this tutorial we'll learn how to add both types of accessories.
In this first example, we'll explore how to add page or spread image backgrounds. In another tutorial, we'll go in depth into how you can create and use your own custom backgrounds.
Start by selecting the Backgrounds tab at the bottom of the Velocity screen (highlighted in green).
There are several different stock backgrounds available to choose from in 3 different design sets; Bokeh, Modern, and Rustic.
Just drag and drop a background to a page in the layout. Use the square backgrounds for pages and the rectangular versions for spreads.
If you drag only to the left side the background is applied only to the left page.
The same happens with the right page.
If you drag and drop the background directly on the page split it will apply to the entire spread. You will see a cobalt blue border around the page or spread as you drag a background to help you see where it will be applied.
In this example, I used a background from the Bokeh set and applied it to the entire spread.
To remove a background, right-click on it and select "Remove Background".