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By clicking a single button Velocity can design an album for you. This feature is called Autoflow and it can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend designing.
Before you try Autoflow for the first time, it is helpful to know how much control you have over the end result. There are two things that you decide which affect Autoflow; the number of images you import and the number of pages in your project. Change either of these elements and you will see a different design come to life each time you click Autoflow.
There are 64 images in my example engagement session. I've started with a 10 page album.
Let's see what happens...
Click the Autoflow icon in the top toolbar:
Do I love the results on every page? I'm gonna be honest I do not. Some are really good, but others need help. Is it a really fast way to start an album design? You bet!
Let's learn how, with just a few minor adjustments, this design can become fantastic!