Venture Corporation Employment Application

Truck Driver

Classification: Truck Driver
Subclassification: Dump Truck Driver
Must be at least 18 years old.
Must have a valid driver's license with a motor vehicle acceptable to our insurance carrier.
Must have a current medical card.
Must be prepared to work from sunrise to sunset Monday through Saturday.
Must be able to work more than 60 miles from home for extended periods of time.
Training required: minimum one year experience.

Drives a dump body style Commercial Vehicle, frequently pulling a pup trailer. Transports and dumps loose materials. Pulls lever to tilt bed to dump contents. Moves hand and foot controls to “jerk” truck to loosen and dump material adhering to the body of the truck. EXITS truck cab to: (1) inspect load; (2) secure load (tarp) and (3) clean excess materials outside of cargo area. Must comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, state and local law. Inspects truck for defects before and after trips and submits report indicating truck condition. Maintains driver log and truck prorate records. Loads, secure, and unload cargo. Performs routine maintenance and emergency roadside repairs. This job may not be full time throughout the project. Employees will be required to perform other duties, including labor.

Climbing - Frequent
Balancing - Frequent
Stooping - Occasional
Kneeling - Occasional
Crouching - Occasional
Crawling - Occasional
Reaching - Constant
Handling - Constant
Fingering - None
Feeling - None
Talking - Frequent
Hearing - Frequent
Near Acuity - Frequent
Far Acuity - Constant
Depth Perception - Constant
Visual Accommodation - Constant
Field of Vision - Constant
Exposure to Weather - Frequent
Exposure to Cold - None
Exposure to Heat - Occasional
Wet and/or Humid - None
Vibration - None
Exposure to Electric Shock - None
Exposure to Dust & Fumes - Occasional
Proximity to Moving Parts - Occasional
Working at Heights - Occasional
Exposure to Radiation - None
Working with Explosives - None
Exposure to Hazardous Materials - Occasional
Strength Rating - Medium
Noise Level - 2 to 4 (some areas require hearing personal protective devices)