Doreen Smart National Scholarship Application

Congratulations on taking the first step in applying for the National Scholarship, created in honour of, and named after, our founder Doreen Smart.

All AdmiNZ members are eligible to apply for this scholarship for opportunities to study in significant general management, business administration or specialist technical areas in these disciplines. 

The scholarship application may be used to study for a qualification, a training programme or specific work experience in the office administration and/or business management areas. The scholarship will be awarded for learning opportunities in these areas. The opportunity should preferably be in New Zealand but may be granted overseas when similar opportunities are not available in New Zealand. 

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Applications close on Friday 18th November 2022.

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Application Declaration

*  I give my consent that if I am selected as a recipient of the Doreen Smart National Scholarship, any photos and details may be used for future AdmiNZ publicity/promotions.
*  I acknowledge and understand that if I am the recipient of the Scholarship, relevant information in my application may be used for promotional purposes by AdmiNZ.
*  I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions as outlined on the AdmiNZ website and have completed all questions openly and honestly in accordance with the spirit of fair competition. Scholarship Regulations
*  I agree to providing a report to AdmiNZ by 31 March in the year following the receipt of scholarship funds as to the benefits gained personally and professionally, together with the benefits to AdmiNZ from having completed the relevant course of study.
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