After much planning, we are ready for September and are excited to welcome you to online or in-person private lessons in the fall.   There is a $20 registration fee to book your spot, as this year you are not required to enroll in summer lessons or a camp to pre-book for the fall. 

Once you select a lesson time for September, that is your dedicated time until June, 2021 or until you let us know you would like to stop your enrollment.  Lessons are billed on the first of each month at $25.50 per lesson, and you can stop anytime by letting us know before the 1st of the month you would like to cancel your enrollment.  
Here are some details on our current health plan for the fall.  We will provide updates as we get closer to September with full information.

1. We will be utilizing our two entrances at both locations to prevent congestion. 
2. Waiting room will be closed.  Parents can either wait in their car, or they can join their child in their lesson.  All students must wash their hands or use sanitizer before entering their lesson.
3. We will stagger start times for teachers, so some lessons will start at 3:00, others at 3:10, others at 3:20.  This will all be modified in your schedule once we have a full picture of which teachers and students will be in each room.  This will make it so less families are coming in at one time.  
4. The rooms will have tape lines indicating the 6 feet separation between students and teachers. We will have plexiglass available in the rooms of vocal instructors to use with singing students. 
5. After each lesson, each room will be fully disinfected including instruments, door handles, seats, and any other surfaces that were touched by you or the student.  
6. We will contact you to set up an online connection between you and your teacher, so that if if at any time you or your instructor is ill, we can immediately convert classes to online lessons as needed.  
8. All students and staff will be required to complete an online questionaire before entering that confirms that they are not ill, or at risk of exposure to COVID, before each lesson.  
7. We are uncertain about group classes, and we will update families as we know more.  



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To finalize your pre-registration for the 2020/21 season there is a $20 registration fee that will be applied to your credit card upon our completion of your registration.  You will receive an email from Dominelli Music staff when this is done, and it will be within two weeks of your submission.  Thank you!