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Summer Lessons!

This is a 'do whatever you like' summer plan! 

We are available for in-person lessons as of June 1st, or you can stay online as long as it works best for your family. 
Enjoy your summer, and take as many lessons as you like off in July and August.  Your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.  We all deserve some flexibility right now, so enjoy your summer with us at Dominelli Music.
P.S. In Person Summer Camps are available in North Edmonton Summer 2020.  Click Here to learn more.  
P.P.S. You can now pre-register for September.  Click Here to set it up!

Important information about in-person lessons:

As of June 1st we are open for in-person lessons.  Due to physical distancing requirements, we will only be offering private lessons at our St. Albert location - however, all of your favorite North Edmonton teachers will be there all summer, so come for a short drive and we are sure you will enjoy your in-person classes.  Click Here to learn more about our in-person policies and plan.  

Important information about Summer Lessons:

- We ask that you provide us with any weeks you would like off over the summer prior to June 20, 2020, so that we can make all tuition adjustments.  If we are notified after June 20, we can not guarantee the tuition adjustment can be made, and we will make no adjustments after billing on the 1st of the month.  

- Please admin know at, as your teacher can not adjust the tuition fees or dates on your behalf.  

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Wonderful your lessons will remain online and please proceed to the next question about summer lessons. 
Please select a lesson time with your teacher during their in-person hours - all teachers will be working at our St. Albert location from June 1-August 31, 2020.  If your teacher is not listed below, it means they are remaining online only.  If you are currently enrolled in online lessons, by selecting a new lesson time for in-person lessons, it means we will remove you from your current lesson and this will become your new lesson time from June 1st until August 31, 2020.  You can always opt to come in for this new lesson time, or have it online, at your convenience.  
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