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What is an Order Form?

An Order Form is any FormSite form that uses Order Form Items to collect order information. You can define prices for a series of items and then your users can choose from them, much the same way a catalog or online store works. At the end of the form, the user is presented with the Order Summary page, a selection of payment options that you set up, a back button to revise the order, and a Confirm Order button.

Order Form Items are available to all levels of service, though a Professional level FormSite account is required to integrate with payment services (Paypal or Authorize.net), or securely store the sensitive information collected during an order.

Create a New Order Form

Any form can be used to collect orders- adding the following Order Form Items are what make your form an Order Form. Start with one of our many order templates, or from a blank form. Drag and drop from the "Order Form Items" section to begin building the form:

  • Radio Button and Checkbox Pricing: Present your customers with options and choices to order from.
  • Image List Pricing: Like a Checkbox Pricing item but with images for choices.
  • Text Field Pricing: Allow your customers to enter in a specific amount to be charged. Most useful for donations or whenever you want the amount charged to be flexible and controlled by the customer.
  • Quantity List: Present your customers an option to enter in how many of each item they wish to order from a list of possibilies. This offers flexibility if you expect that customers will want multiple quantities of items.
  • Radio Button Percent: Allow your customers to select a percent discount (say, for returning customers) or a percent addition (like applicable taxes). Specific items can be excluded from percents- it does not make sense, for example, to add tax on a shipping charge.
  • Coupon Code: Apply either a fixed discount or a percent discount off of the order total if a customer correctly types in a discount code.
  • Text Quantity: Used in conjunction with the pricing items, allows your customers to specify how many of the pricing item they want. Place this item in front of either a Radio Button, Checkbox, or Text Field pricing item.
  • Credit Card Block: Found under "Item Blocks", streamlines the process of collecting credit card information. This is unnecessary if you use payment integration to collect payment. Note: specific security measures need to be in place for collecting and storing credit card information.

Confirming the Order and Receiving Payment

Before the user submits the form, they will be presented with an Order Summary page and allowed to confirm their order before continuing. You can configure the settings under "Form Settings->Success Pages" to show a Printable Receipt and a Reference Number that will correspond to your results after the user hits submit. Once the user hits "Confirm", their order is shown in your Results Table as "confirmed"- once payment has been received, FormSite will change the status to "completed".

Once the user has confirmed their order, you can either charge them using credit card information collected on the form, or you can use Paypal, Authorize.net, and/or pay-by-check to collect your payments. Multiple payment options can be used on a form if you have an account with more than one processor. Please see the Payments Integration page for more details.


FormSite has the features necessary to create forms that can collect and handle data securely. It is your responsibility, however, to take advantage of these features when appropriate. Please see the Security Documentation for more details, especially if you intend to collect credit card information.

Additional Information

There are numerous FormSite features that can be used with Order Forms:

  • Inventory: Use FormSite to keep track of your stock and prevent users from ordering items that you do not have anymore. See the Inventory page for more information.
  • Item and Page Rules: Present the customer with accessories/items unique to what they have ordered. See the Rules page for more information.
  • Notifications: Have FormSite send you, your customers, or anyone else custom email Notifications about orders. See the Notification page for more information.

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