Scientific Working Group Leaders:
Andrea Ciaranello, MD, MPH (Director)
Denise Jacobson, PhD, MPH (Co-director: Epidemiology and Methods)
Anne Neilan, MD, MPH (Co-director: Youth in the US)
Kathleen Powis, MD, MPH, MBA (Co-director: Youth in International Settings)
1. Have you ever conducted research involving adolescents and HIV?
2. Are you engaged in any other type of HIV research?
[If you are not currently conducting research that involves adolescents and HIV, please skip to questions 12.]
4. Your current or past focus in adolescent HIV research includes (check all that apply):
5. Please indicate the methods you have used in adolescent HIV research (check all that apply).
6. Please indicate the sources from which you have received past or current funding for your adolescent HIV research (check all that apply):
7. Where do you conduct research on adolescent HIV?
8. We are developing resources to connect researchers in the field of adolescents and HIV. Would you be willing to share your CV, your biosketch, or a list of your relevant publications in the field?

9. Are you interested in presenting your research on adolescents and HIV at any of these seminars/conferences in 2019 (check all that apply)?
10. Have you or your colleagues developed materials that could be useful to other investigators engaging in adolescents and HIV-related research which you might be willing to share? (check all that apply)
11. One of the goals of the CFAR is to partner mentors and mentees. Would you be interested in mentoring a junior colleague in your area of HIV adolescent research?
12. Where is your home institution?
13. Would you be interested in being partnered with someone who can mentor you in some aspect of adolescence and HIV research?
14. Would you like to be added to a listserv to receive more information about the HU CFAR Adolescence and HIV Scientific Working Group or other seminars and events in this field?