Fall 2019 Classroom Grant Application for the Demopolis City Schools Foundation

The 2019 Fall Grant applications are open for Demopolis teachers.
Applications are due Monday, August 26th at 8am.

Contact Amanda Barnes at 289-2226 or dcsf@westal.net with any questions you may have about this application.  You can start and stop this application at any time by clicking the save button at the bottom of each page.

Please note:  We highly recommend you create an account when you begin this grant application!

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Grant Guidelines


  • Teachers, counselors, librarians, and other educators who work directly with students and are employed by the Demopolis City School System are eligible to submit grant applications. 
  • One application per person/department may be submitted unless previously authorized by the Foundation. Members of the Grants Committee are not eligible for a grant.


  • Only online applications will be accepted.
  • No late applications will be accepted.
  • Grants will be announced in late September. All grant applications should be the work of the submitter, and the principal of your school should be consulted on each grant submitted to the Foundation.


Applications are evaluated by the Grants Committee and approved by the Demopolis City Schools Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The committee uses a fixed rubric (available on our website) as the evaluation process that reviews and ranks:

1) The clarity of the grant and its goals;

2) Objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely;

3) The Return on Investment possibility;

4) Fulfillment of the mission of the Foundation; and

5) The potential impact to fulfill a critical need or issue in our community and/or schools.



  • All items purchased with grant funds become the property of Demopolis City Schools and the classroom/grade level for which they were purchased.
  • Extra funds that cannot be used specifically for the applicant's request remain with the Demopolis City Schools Foundation.
  • Prices should be confirmed, as overcharges cannot be funded. If costs shift, teachers will have to adjust their grant awards to fit.


GRANT REPORTS:  A Grant Report with the results of the grant as outlined in your grant proposal, along with pictures of students involved in the grant, must be remitted by May 2020 to the Foundation.  Failure to submit an evaluation will jeopardize chances to receive further grants.

I have Read and Agree to these guidelines.