Community Classroom Connections Volunteer Signup

In partnership with Westside Elementary School, the Foundation is excited to launch a new program called Community Classroom Connections.  There are two goals for this program:

  • To develop a group of knowledgeable advocates for public education in Demopolis, grounded in the realities of a 2019 classroom experience
  • To connect the students in the classroom with a community member they can get to know

What is involved?

Each volunteer will be partnered with a classroom teacher at Westside Elementary (K-2) for the remainder of the school year. 

  • At minimum, the community member is asked to attend one classroom lesson each quarter.
  • They are also encouraged to come for lunch, attend programs, or engage in other ways in the classroom as time and opportunity allow. 
  • Each quarter, a short article will be emailed to the participants and teachers about an education topic to help build their knowledge about the field and provide a discussion topic.
  • Participants of the program will be honored with their classes at awards day in May.
Do you have a grade level/teacher preference? *