New York Valves 2024 Clinical Demonstration Tables

Clinical demonstration opportunities are available to elevate your company's visibility at New York Valves 2024. Create increased awareness and understanding about a new (or newly approved) product by seizing the chance to sponsor this high-impact opportunity. 

Each sponsoring company may select up to 4 demonstration stations.

All opportunities are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Clinical Demonstration Information and Pricing

Each Clinical Demonstration Station includes the following*:
  • One (1) 2M x 1M x 41"H Waterfall table w/ cabinet & branded panel
  • 2 Stools
  • 1 Wastebasket
  • 2 Industry Professional Full Access Badges
  • General NY Valves Pre- and Final registration list
  • Marketing (Promotion via E-blasts, Conference Website, NY Valves Mobile App, Housekeeping Slides, Push Notifications and Onsite Signage)
  • General Security
  • Wifi
*Companies may select up to 4 stations.
Clinical Demonstration Stations

Contact Information

Cancellation Policy

Submission of this e-signed Letter of Agreement is a commitment to the above clinical demonstration opportunities for New York Valves 2024; therefore, notification of sponsor cancellation must be in writing and submitted to CRF, and sponsoring company will be required to pay appropriate fees or cancellation penalties outlined below: 

Sponsoring companies that cancel their submitted opportunity will pay 100% of the total cost as indicated above.

The Letter of Agreement is a binding contract when submitted to the Cardiovascular Research Foundation and indicates the applicant’s willingness to abide by all contract terms, conditions, and general rules and regulations, as well as such additional rules and regulations that the Cardiovascular Research Foundation deems necessary to ensure the success of New York Valves 2024.  Any amendment to the Letter of Agreement shall be in writing and signed by both CRF and the sponsoring company.  
I have read, agree to, and will abide by the Cancellation Policy. * 🛈
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