TVT 2022 - Affiliate Meeting Approval

All TVT 2022 affiliated meetings must be approved by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. If you would like to hold a meeting during TVT, please submit this form prior to contacting the hotel/venue. Once approval is confirmed, you may contact the hotel/venue with your approved request. All hotels will require proof of approval prior to the contract.
Are physician attendees invited to this meeting? *

Terms and Conditions

Room rental, setup, and any other fees associated with the meeting request are the sole responsibility of the company contracting space with the Hotel.

Meeting rooms may not be used to draw physician attendees away from scientific sessions. If the purpose of the meeting is misrepresented, CRF may be forced to cancel the reservation on-site and will be unable to reserve a room on your company’s behalf the following year at TVT. This also applies to third-party planners.
By submitting this request, I have read and understand the Affiliate Meeting Guidelines. Please allow 72 hours for approval.
I have read, agree to, and will abide by the Cancellation Policy. * 🛈
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