This survey seeks to gather and support the TRIO community concerns assoicated with the implementation of the Better FAFSA.  We understand that the Better FAFSA is scheduled to launch in December 2023.  The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) would like to know the anticipated barriers members of our community perceive as a result of the changes. Using the collected data, COE will provide appropriate guidance and support, which may include raising specific concerns with Department of Education officials.
Note: Better FAFSA will be released on or by December 31, 2023.

Program(s) you work for (choose all that apply): *
1. Are you aware of the changes in the Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) process and who is required to obtain a FSA ID? *
2. Do you require assistance understanding the new terminology associated with the Better FAFSA? *
3. Do you understand how to explain whose information should be on the FAFSA? *
4. Can you advise students about which individuals are required to contribute information for FAFSA completion? *
5. Do you understand the difference between "special circumstances" and "unusual circumstances" in the FAFSA? *
6. Are you aware of the process for students to identify as "homeless" or "at risk of being homeless"? *
7. Do you have questions regarding the FAFSA implementation in your state? *
8. Are you concerned about questions from students who completed a FAFSA in a prior year? *
9. Are you interested in offering a FSA ID or FAFSA completion event? *
10. Would you benefit from a FAFSA Night Toolkit? *
11. Are you concerned about the removal of the family farm and small business exemption? *
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**Disclaimer:  While the “Better” FAFSA is still in development, it is the intent of COE to serve the TRIO community by addressing all questions and comments received within a 14-day window utilizing the information we obtain from FSA.