Paul T. Spraggins State Initiative Grant Application

The purpose of the Paul T. Spraggins State Initiative Grant is to assist state/chapter TRIO associations in creating and/or strengthening outreach initiatives that improve the association’s state advocacy, engagement in education policy, enhance development capacity, train members on and develop media relations, and/or to increase alumni engagement. 

Match Funding
States/Chapters become eligible for matching funds each year, October 1 -September 30, after their Regional Associations commit funds for each of its states/chapters. States / Chapters are not eligible to apply without the Region matching the requested amount from COE (up to $500).
COE matches the Regional Association’s commitment, up to $500 for each state/chapter, with an approved grant request submission.
States/Chapters are encouraged to budget their own additional funds to leverage the combined COE and Regional commitment.
Submission Requirements
Associations are asked to complete the application form, providing a succinct project summary. Additionally, Associations must upload a detailed budget showing the amount the State/Chapter Association is contributing (if applicable), the ammount requested from COE and the amount matched by the Region for all components of the activitiy / event.
The Council will NOT grant funds for travel to the Council’s Policy Seminar, food in excess of $250, or committee planning meetings. Budgets should be cost effective and linked to project activities and outcomes. 
Applications may be completed at any time. The application must be signed by the State/Chapter Association President AND the Regional Association Preisdent. All required fields must be completed. Applications will be reviewed bi-annually on either May 1 or December 1. Applications received after December 1 will be reviewed in the May cycle. Applications received after May 1 will be reviewed in the December cycle. Applications must be received by 11:59:59pm ET on May 1 or December 1 to be included in that cycle's award process.
Review Process
Completed electronic version of the application are received and reviewed by the Associate Vice President of State Policy, and then forwarded to the State Leadership Committee of COE for review and approval. The review rubric can be found on the State Leader page of the COE website, or here.
Award Process
Award decisions will be sent via email to the State/Chapter President, Regional President, Regional Treasurer and the Grant Author by the State Leadership Committee via the Associate VP of State Policy after award decisions are made. Approved funds will be dispersed via check from COE to the Regional Association's Treasurer. 
Follow Up Required
States/Chapters are required to submit a one page summary of the event, highlighting the successes, any challenges, outcomes and summarizing the way this work has increased their ability to advocate for TRIO. This summary must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the activity / event via email to Photos or videos, copies of press releases or other activity / event content are  encouraged to be attached to the summary report email. 
States/Chapters are inelligible to apply for future Paul T. Spraggins State Initiative Grant Awards until summaries are submitted.
Questions / Contact
With any questions, or for more information, please reach out to COE's Associate Vice President of State Policy, Jen Rudolph via email

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