CNDC Project Pre-Application Form

Thank you for your interest in fiscal sponsorship with Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. Before applying, please be sure you've read all of the information on the 'I Want to..." page of our website. 

About the Organization

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About the board

Does your organization have a board of directors or advisers? If so, list members below. If you have more than four members, include full board list in the letter of inquiry below. *
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About the finances

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Tell us how CNDC can help

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1) What are the goals for your nonprofit, including the need in the community your organization would address and what you hope to accomplish?
2) How will a partnership with CNDC help you accomplish these goals?
3) What makes your organization unique?
4) What developmental stage would you describe your organization to be in at this point?
5) What are the professional qualifications of the leader of the organization and how will those qualifications translate into making the organization a success?
6) As we review this letter of intent is there anything else you would like us to know about your organization that isn't listed above?

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