CABE 2020 Teachership Application

Deadline Date: January 17, 2020

CABE Region you belong to:
You must be a CABE member to be eligible for scholarship. Please contact us at 626-814-4441, if you need your membership number. 


Are you currently enrolled or are you planning to enroll in an undergraduate/graduate teacher credential program? *
Type of credential:
For the credential-level you are seeking; are you intending on seeking a bilingual emphasis? *

What language(s) do you speak? Please indicate the level of proficiency


Work Experience

1. Have you ever worked or volunteered as a teacher assistant/paraprofessional? *
Please check your gross family income reported on Federal Tax Return
3. Are you presently assigned to a bilingual classroom? *
4. Are you assigned to a bilingual (credentialed) teacher? *
5. Which language(s) do you use for instruction? *
6. What are your instructional responsibilities (check all that apply) *

Personal Statement

Brief Bio: Explain why you have chosen this professional career path. Include why you think it is important to offer bilingual programs. List specific events or experiences that have inspired you to study to become a bilingual teacher. (Please type or copy/paste into the area below. 250 words maximum)

Educational Philosophy

Summarize your personal philosophy of education in general, and of bilingual education in particular. (Please type, copy/paste into area below. 250 words maximum)

Professional Development

Describe your professional learning experiences and how these have contributed to your growth as a bilingual teacher candidate. (250 words maximum)

Community Service

Explain how your service and extracurricular activities have positively contributed to your community. (Please type, copy/past into the area below. 250 words maximum)

Nomination letter (dated no more than one year old)

Recommendation letter (dated no more than one year old)

Current Transcripts

Transcripts may be delivered by US Mail but must be postmarked by due date. If postmarked after due date, the application will be considered incomplete.

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