CABE 2020 Multilingual Educator Submission Requirements & Uploading Instructions

Multilingual Educator is an annual journal that provides CABE members, conference attendees, and the wider community the latest research and information regarding quality practices and programs for English Learners, bilingualism, biliteracy, and multiculturalism.  
Submission Requirements
Submissions must address a topic that relates to CABE's Vision and Mission and be of high intereest, value, and current relevancy  to the CABE Community, and may take the form of:
     ✦  Current research report
     ✦  Analysis of policy and legislation
     ✦  Personal narrative
     ✦  Poetry
     ✦  Artwork
     ✦  Description of successful programs
     ✦  Article on best practices, strategies,
            projects, and lessons for teachers
     ✦  Parent, student, educator
            and/or community perspectives
Submissions must be uploaded to this site by the deadline:   
Friday, August 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
Please note that in order to foster more diversity in the publication, this priority acceptance will be given to authors not published in the Multilingual Educator in the last two issues (2018, 2019).
All documents, photos and files will be submitted online according to the upload instructions herein.

Checking all boxes below is required in order to proceed to the next page.