Dear valued contractor/supplier,

To ensure a safe environment for our staff, patrons and contractors we have put in place the below COVID-19 Contractor Protocol. Please read and sign the below protocol and ensure this is communicated to your team/colleagues.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Prior to a visit:

  • Prior to works being undertaken within our premises all contractors will be asked to read and sign our MHP - COVID 19 CONTRACTOR PROTOCOL.
  • All contractors are required to provide a copy of their own company COVID-19 Safety Plan for our records.

It is a requirement that all contractors entering our premises adhere to key government recommendations relating to COVID-19 and should not attend our premises/venues if they have:

  • Tested positive for coronavirus.
  • Are suffering symptoms such as a fever or cold/flu, sore throat, cough, fatigue and/or difficulty breathing.
  • Been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus and are therefore required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Any contractor to MHP who is suspected to be in breach of any of the above will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

On arrival:

On arrival contractors will be asked to:

  • Wash their hands or use sanitiser
  • Complete Contact Tracing and/or a Health Check and have their temperature read and logged.

Any contractor visiting MHP who does not agree to the above requirements will not be granted access to the premises

During a visit:

All visitors and contractors are required to help keep our staff and patrons safe through good personal hygiene and social distancing. 

  • Wear a mask/face covering if directed by the Chief Health officer.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitiser.
  • Practise cough and sneeze etiquette. Using a tissue or the inner elbow if needing to cough or sneeze.
  • Practise physical distancing. Keep 1.5m from others and refrain from physical contact.
  • Contractors using equipment such as computers, phones, music equipment, kitchen equipment and bar equipment, must clean down these items once complete and before a member of MHP staff, an MHP contractor or a patron uses them.
  • Notify MHP the areas in which work was conducted and identify any MHP team members that were a close contact.

After a visit:

In the event our team or patrons present with symptoms of COVID-19 or return a positive test within 7 days of a contractors visit, MHP will do its best to notify the contractor as soon as practicable.


Contactless delivery

Simple delivery to the venue that does not need a physical signature or a staff member to receive the delivery can deliver to the “Contactless delivery zone” set up at the rear of Republica. Access to other parts of the premises (including bathrooms) will not be permitted. All deliveries must be clearly labelled with the VENUE, RECIPIENT AND NUMBER OF BOXES. 


Short visit (Less than 15 mins)


Customer visiting a venue to dine/drink
Guest at an event
Client attending a site inspection / venue tour
Contractor / supplier attending a short meeting (no more than 15 minutes)
Contractor / supplier delivering product(s) directly to a staff member (no more than 15 minutes)

You DO NOT need to read this protocol, you simply need to sanitise on entry, provide contact tracing details on arrival, follow all conditions of entry, practise good hygiene and maintain social distance whilst you are at the premises.


Long visit (more than 15 mins) 

Employee, Working Contractor, Musicians

You need to undertake work or maintenance at our premises. You will be at our premises for more than 15 minutes.
You will be in repeated use of facilities. You will be in a confined space with member/s of our team.


Musicians / Live music performances should be performed outdoors where possible due to the lower transmission risk in outdoor settings. Where possible singers and performers should be 5m away from patrons and performers should be 2m apart from one another.

Workplace Health and Safety in a COVID-19 environment

Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws require employers to take care of the safety and welfare of their workers, including themselves and other staff, contractors and volunteers and others (clients, customers, visitors) at their workplaces.

This includes:

  • Providing and maintaining a work environment that is without risk to health and safety.
  • Providing adequate and accessible facilities for the welfare of workers to carry out their work.
  • Monitoring the health of workers and the conditions of the workplace for the purpose of preventing illness or injury.

As an employer we will:

  • Provide up to date information.
  • Train our team in COVID-19 safety.
  • Give instruction to our staff through policy, procedure and training.
  • Supervise our staff to ensure they are following policy and procedure.

As a contractor you will:

  • Follow any reasonable instructions, policies and procedure given by your MHP or supervising staff.
  • Supervise others to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  • Report incidents, hazards, risks and behaviour that may put yourself or others at risk.
  • Consult with us about the best way to change safety directions to minimise risks.
  • Complete all training provided or requested to ensure you have adequate skills to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Take all reasonable care for your own health and safety.
  • Take all reasonable care for the health and safety of others.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a respiratory disorder caused by a coronavirus. It has unfortunately spread around the world. 80% of people infected with COVID-19 experience mild symptoms and recover fully. 15% of people develop moderate symptoms and 5% develop severe and life-threatening symptoms. It is therefore especially important to protect yourself, your family and our community.

Symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • Fever (over 37.5 degrees)
  • Cough
  • Flu/Cold-like symptoms, sore throat, sneezing, running nose, loss of taste or smell
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting

Some people are at a higher risk of developing COVID-19. Examples of high-risk employees could include;

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 50 years and older or with one or more chronic medical conditions.
  • Employees that are 65 years and older or with one or more chronic health conditions.
  • People 70 years and older.
  • People with compromised immune systems.

How does COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 is spread through droplet transmission. People can be exposed to these droplets via direct contact with a person who is infectious or the 24 hours before their symptoms appear.

Droplets can be spread when an infectious person coughs and/or sneezes near another person and/or via touching objects and/or surfaces such as benches, doorknobs or tables contaminated from a cough and/or sneeze and then touching your face or mouth.

How can we stop the spread of COVID-19?

Handwashing is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Regularly washing with soap and water or rubbing your hands with sanitiser kills viruses that may be on your hands.

Handwashing demonstration:
Hand rubbing demonstration:

Avoid touching your face. Most of us touch our face many times a day. If you have virus droplets on your hands they can be transferred into your body through your eyes, mouth and nose.

Social distancing is one way to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing also called physical distancing is to have more space than usual between you and others, so it is harder for the virus to spread. Public health measures such as social distancing practices will likely be required until a vaccine for COVID-19 is readily available. Depending on state and local government policy, restaurants, cafés and hotels may need to follow specific regulations for public health.

 Social and Physical distancing at an MHP workplace.

  • Contractors are required to wear a mask/face covering unless an exception applies.
  • Contractors must have a minimum of 1.5m of space from each other, where practicable.
  • Stop shaking hands to greet each other
  • Use Plexiglass barriers if appropriate
  • Use the alcohol-based hand rub supplied by MHP or bring own
  • Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that are touched
  • Contractors should not enter the workplace if you are unwell
I have read and understood the COVID-19 Contractor Protocol. I accept my responsibilities as a contractor of Amello Pty Ltd and will always follow company policy and procedure. *

I accept *

We will be sure to update you as and when our protocols change and we look forward to continuing to offer unmatched, safe events and hospitality.  If you have any concerns please get in touch.

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