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— Memberships are calendar-based. New membership and renewal applications submitted now through December 31, 2020 will be eligible for renewal January 1, 2021.
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Please read through the four membership options below and choose the type most relevant to you. Please fill out only one of these sections.

(This category is for food writers or editors currently working and/or producing content for print, online or broadcast media organizations; it is also appropriate for cookbook authors.)
Active member candidates must adhere to the AFJ Code of Ethics
I write, produce or edit food stories for the following (check all that apply):
My work is considered to be (check all that apply):
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My title is (check all that apply):

If you have not been a member of AFJ in the last two years, please include pdfs or links to two examples of recent work with this application.

(This category is for individuals who do not define themselves as professional food journalists.)

This affiliate group includes those whose financial worth is directly dependent on the success of a food company or advocacy organization, and those whose primary source of income entails promoting a food-related entity, as well as those with a strong interest in food journalism who are now not working within the field.

Affiliate members may vote for one position on the board of directors reserved for a representative of affiliate members, but cannot otherwise vote for officers or bylaw changes. Additionally, they are required to abide by the board's standards for interactions with professional and student members. The membership committee reserves the right to review eligibility on an annual basis.

Affiliate members must adhere to the AFJ Code of Ethics

Based on the information above, I am applying as an affiliate member

(This category is for full-time students enrolled in a two- or four-year college, university or culinary school who have demonstrated a strong interest in professional food journalism.)
Student member candidates must adhere to the AFJ Code of Ethics.
Are you interested in pursuing a career in professional food journalism?
Has your work been featured in a student media outlet?
Has your work appeared in a non-student media outlet?
Please provide a pdf or link to your recent work:

(This category is only available to previously Active AFJ members.)
Retired members must adhere to the AFJ Code of Ethics.
Are you a previous member of AFJ in good standing who has retired and no longer produces food journalism?

(Please answer the following questions completely; they apply to all membership categories. Your answers will help determine your eligibility for membership.)
Do you own a food or food-related company, or are you employed by or do regular contract work for a food company? *
Do you own or are you employed by or contracted with a public relations firm representing a food company? *
Are you employed by or work for a food-related organization or movement, a trade association, advocacy group or government agency? *
Do you own or are you employed by or contracted with a restaurant or caterer? *

Would you be interested in participating in an AFJ mentoring program?

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2020 Membership Dues 


We require all members to adhere to the five core principles of the AFJ Code of Ethics. Please take a moment to review the full document here, available at 
1. We take pride in our work, and respect the work of others. 
2. We do not abuse our positions. 
3. We avoid conflicts of interest. 
4. We recognize and respect diversity. 
5. We are committed to total transparency in our work. 

*In February 2018, we instituted a $20 late fee for members renewing after February 28, 2019. 

**All applicants who have been members of AFJ, but have let their membership lapse, will pay $100 dues regardless of the time they re-affiliate with AFJ. 

I agree that the information supplied on this form is complete and accurate. As a member of AFJ, I also agree to adhere to the AFJ Code of Ethics.
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