2018 Awards Competition 
Entry Form

Directions: Before filling out this form to enter the AFJ 2018 Awards Competition, please read the complete contest rules and procedures

If you are entering more than one category, please fill this out once for each entry, if submitting electronically; or, if submitting by mail, print out or copy this form as many times as needed for each category. One completed entry form must be included with each entry in each category. Fill in all blanks. An incomplete entry form will disqualify an entry. You must fill out the form all at once -- it is not possible to save a partial form and return to finish later.

If you prefer, you may print out this form and mail it in with your payment (more information on fees is at the bottom of this form). Instructions for mailing in your entry, as well, are included in the form below. If you have questions about any part of the form, please email those questions to AFJ Awards Competition Manager Micki Maynard

All entries submitted online must be received no later than 12:00 a.m. EST March 1, 2018.  All entries submitted via snail mail including accompanying materials must be postmarked on or before 12:00 a.m. EST March 1, 2018. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Are you a current, paid 2018 member of AFJ? (AFJ will verify membership status.) *


Follow-up communications will go through Entrant #1. If this entry wins a cash prize in the competition, the check will be sent to the address given below. Be sure it is current and let us know if it changes.

(Options for submitting your actual work are at the end of this section.)

Contest Category Entered (Check only one category per entry form. See the complete rules and procedures for a complete description of each category.) *

Circulation verification material is needed for entries in the following categories: Best Newspaper Food Coverage and Best Newspaper Food Feature.

Acceptable types of circulation verification:
(a) A report for 2017 from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (available from the publicationʼs advertising department), or
(b) A statement of circulation for 2017 signed by the publicationʼs publisher, circulation manager, advertising manager or managing editor; or an email from one of these individuals.
Please do not submit paid circulation numbers.

If you prefer to mail in your entry for consideration, please check the button below. If you mail in your entry, you must submit three copies of your entry plus a printed copy of this form for each entry. (See the rules and procedures for details on mailing.) Please mail entrieds to the following address:
AFJ Awards Competition
3588 Plymouth Road
No. 386
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


The fee per entry is $45 (USD) for AFJ members who have paid their 2018 dues prior to entering. The fee per entry for non-AFJ members is $55 (USD). Other journalists can enter at the AFJ member rate of $45 (USD) per entry IF a food journalist at the publication where they are employed is a member of AFJ.

AFJ members submitting multiple entries pay $45 (USD) for their first three entries; a fourth entry can be submitted free of charge. This is the case whether the individual or his or her publication pays the entry fees.        

Entry fee(s) must accompany the entry. Entry fees are non-refundable except when a category is eliminated by AFJ. If an entry is disqualified for not following the rules, written notice will be given, but the entry fee will not be returned.


The entry fees are calculated per submission, not per person.

Students entering Best Writing on Food – Student Division do not pay an entry fee.

Entry fees may be paid:

(1) online for a single entry, with a credit card or PayPal, at the time the online entry form is completed; if at all possible, we strongly encourage the use of PayPal. Signing up for a PayPal account is not required to make a purchase, so please use this option to help our small nonprofit avoid costly fees. 

(2) online, for a group of entries, with a credit card or PayPal; choose the first option on the payment page of the online entry form and then click "continue" to submit the entry, listing in your email all of the entries it covers;

(3) attaching a check drawn on a U.S. bank and payable to AFJ to the entry form and mailing it to AFJ in the same packet as your contest entries.

Should an accounting department request this information, AFJ is a tax-exempt non-profit 501 (c) (6) corporation, tax identification number 23-7324877.

Fee Amount *
I agree that the information supplied on this form is complete and accurate.
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I confirm that I have read the complete rules and procedures for this contest, and that my entry form complies with all rules. *

You will be able to choose your payment option on the next page (student entries do not require payment). After you have successfully completed all the information on this form, click continue, below.